Paul & Joe 2008 Spring Collection: Sweetie & Disney

I know, this is about Spring Collection again, but I just can't help to find all the good stuff the spring. Paul & Joe is releasing Sweetie collection and Disney collection for Spring 2008. The Disney collection is only featured on Paul & Joe's Japanese website.

Paul & Joe has put together joyful and comforting colors for Spring 2008. The Sweetie collection is inspired by the sweet and colorful confections in childhood memories. It includes:

1) Limited-edition Collection Sparkles (will be launched on Jan 18, 2008) :
  • Lipstick CS N: #055 Sweetie (in beige pink), #056 Sakura Bonbon ( in pink), #057 Candy Bouquet ( in coral pink)
  • Face Color Powder CS N:#055 Cafe Bonbon (in dark brown, pink gold and shiny brown), #056 Candy Sprinkles (in rose, pink frost and white pink), #057 Peppermint Pieces (in moss green, olive and ivory) I usually like Paul & Joe's Face Color Powders, but not for this time. Compared to the Face Color Powders from previous seasons, I am less interested in Spring 2008's creation. The shades are still lovely and soft. However, those little dot patterns in darker shades are too dense on the pans, which makes the patterns look weird and creepy

2) Eye Color Palette will be available from Feb 1, 2008. There are two palettes in this collection: palettes #001 consists of dark brown, soft beige and orange and palette #002 contains dark blue, champagne pink and pink.

3) Nails products (will be launched on Feb 1, 2008) include: Nail Enamel ( available in 25 shades:01-05 are skin tone shades and 19-25 are playful colors), Nail Base Coat, Nail Top Coat, Nail Enamel Remover and Nail Care Oil.
4) Protective Hand Cream with SPF15 PA+ (will be available on Feb 1, 2008)

Let's also take a look at limited-edition Paul & Joe x Disney collection. It will be available on Feb 1, 2008.
  • Face Colour B: available in pink and orange tones
  • Milky Lip Treatment
  • Protective Hand Cream with SPF15, PA+


Amy said...

OH...when or where can I get the spring collection?....sigh...Sweetie is so adorable^^

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Amy,

Thanks for stopping by!

Do you live in the US? If so, I know the full line of Paul & Joe is available in Bergdorf Goodman "only in store". As far as I know, the Sweetie Collection will be available in Berfdorf Goodman at the end of this month. If you are interested in any product, you can call Bergdorf Goodman by 1800-558-1855 (ask them to transfer you to Paul & Joe Cosmetics)for advice or consultation. They are willing to ship products to you within the US if you would like to place an order on the phone.

There are also a couple of online beauty stores selling Paul & Joe:

Unfortunately, Sweetie seems not available at those online stores at this point.

If there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to let me know!



Suki said...

Hi, I live in Seattle, so is it possible that I can buy Paul & Joe x Disney collection in the U.S.? Paul & Joe x Disney collection is sooooooooooo cute~

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Suki,

Thank you for stopping by!

Disney Collection is indeed adorable.I am sorry that Paul & Joe Disney Collection will be launched on Feb 1, 2008 only in Japan( or Asia.)

Bergdorf Goodman is the only department store in the US that carries the full line of Paul & Joe. They have only the Sweetie Collection for the US market.

If you are thinking of buying the Disney collection from online beauty stores, check out:

Ichibankao is based in Japan.
However, Disney Collection is currently not listed on their website. However,if you have any question regarding products listed outside their website, you may contact them by They will try best to look for you.

Please feel free to let me know if anything else I can help you with.



Anonymous said...

The full SWEETIE collection is available on The face color palette 001 will be up Feb.1

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you for giving us the information about the Sweetie Collection. It will be another great alternative option to buy Paul & Joe Sweetie Collection online.