Product Review: Kanebo Sensai Lifting Radiance and 3D Mask

Released in September 2010, Sensai Cellular Performance (CP) Lifting Radiance Concentrate and Lifting Radiance 3D Mask (6 sachets for $165) is the latest anti-aging facial mask product from Kanebo Sensai's CP Lifting Series.

Kanebo Sensai Lifting Radiance and 3D Mask
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The product caught my attention for its contour-lifting ability and close-fitting sheet mask design. I was particularly intrigued by the latter feature because I hate to use sheet masks that do not fit properly or need to adjust the fit constantly during mask time.

Lifting Radiance and 3D Mask targets the signs of sagging and dullness on face. It is formulated with facial muscle-empowering Natural Musculifter to work in synergy with Golden Chamomile Extract to increase micro-circulation at the skin's surface and within the facial muscles for lifted, luminous and radiant skin.

Packaging wise, the mask completely enfolds from the face to neck. Each mask has about one full bottle of Lifting Radiance Concentrate (35ml).

It has a light floral scent with a soothing sensation. There is absolutely no dripping with this mask. It fits the face and neck nicely. It leaves the skin lifted and firmer with freshness and luminous. I love the fact that it significantly minimizes my laugh lines around the mouth, and provides excellent moisturization.

If you are looking for a lifting sheet mask, Kanebo Sensai Lifting Radiance and 3D Mask is absolutely worth trying.

*This sample is provided by Kanebo Sensai. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

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Mannal said...

Thank U for this review! I saw this at the Harvey and was walking fast on my way out to an apt. and did a double take when it too caught my and eye and I had to go back and check it out. "Luckily" there was no sales representative and I left in time ! But, now that I read your review I learned all i needed to know and I'm going to go buy this today, along with La Mer cleansing foam and regenerating serum> Loved all your reviews so far! Keep them coming and God bless ! :)

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