Jill Stuart's 2008 Spring Collection - Seductive Eyes

Jill Stuart will release its spring collection, Seductive Eyes, on January 18, 2008 in Japan. Perhaps, many of you wonder the differences between Seductive Eyes and Brilliance Eyes. Jill Stuart's Brilliance Eyes contains four shimmery eyeshadow pans on each palette and it comes in seven different color combinations. Brilliance Eyes has a very fine texture and the multi-color particles reflect light beautifully from different angles, which makes the eye makeup clear and vibrant. To sum up, Brilliance Eyes is designed to use shimmery shades for eye makeup. However, the new Seductive Eyes is supposedly less shimmery than Brilliance Eyes for depth and definition. Jill Stuart's website has an instruction on how to apply the colors of Seductive Eyes:
  • Use the second left eyeshadow as a base shade to brighten the eyes
  • Apply the second right eyeshadow above the crease as an accent color
  • Use the most right eyeshadow on eyelids within the crease
  • Slightly dot the most left eyeshadow to add a touch of sparkling shimmer
The Seductive Eyes Collection includes:
  • Seductive Eyes (5,250 Yen or USD$47.00) comes in four palettes: 01 Seductive Doll, 02 Sugar Angel, 03 Twinkle Venus, and 04 Sensual Fairy

  • Mixed Compact Blush #6 Fresh Apricot (4,725 Yen or USD$42.30)
  • Lip Lustre (2,940 Yen or USD$26.30) # 18 Moon Flower and #19 Pure Cherry
  • Lip Gloss (2,310 Yen or USD$20.70) #18 Fairy Pink
  • Limited-edition Nail Lacquer (1,575 Yen or USD$14.00) #44 Aurora Shine, #45 Melty Petal, and #46 Sweet Drop


BeautyTalk said...

cute packaging!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Beautytalk,

It is really a cute and princessy packaging! I really like the new " Seductive Eyes" eyeshadow palettes since the shades are less glittery!

I hope Jill Stuart will hit the US market soon in the future!

Wish you a happy 2008!