I love Paul & Joe Cosmetics Accessories!

Paul & Joe Beaute is well-known for its quality cosmetics and sophisticated package design. They always came up with beautiful cosmetics in feminine and classy packaging. They highlight a retro-modern and joyful style that embodies the philosophy of fun-loving and Parisian sophistication.

Unfortunately, they don't have any stores around DC area (You probably feel the same way too). The best I can find is Anthropologie, which only carries limited items in some of the stores. Online shopping, however, makes my life easier to purchase Paul & Joe cosmetics. If I were given a choice though, it is much more fun if I can shop in a real store. I always enjoy hours of visual pleasure and happiness by browsing and trying out products in person. After spending some time browsing their website, these are the two beauty accessories that I am dying for (one of them only available on their Japanese website). Ain't they cute?

Brush Holder

Box for Face Powder


Angel said...


can you kindly let me know which online shop sales Paul&Joe?

my email:xangel0805@hotmail.com

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Angel,

Thank you for stopping by my site!

Sure, I will send to your email some websites that sell Paul & Joe's products online!

I am a big fan of Paul & Joe. It is always not easy to get to shop in stores. Browsing their website haves me drooling! However, there are a few websites selling their items online. They probably don't carry complete collections. But you and I probably can pick up a few things from there.



Anonymous said...


I used to buy Paul & Joe at Sephora online shop, but I just found out that Sephora doesn't carry Paul & Joe online any more.

I also would like to know through which online shops you usually purchase Paul & Joe?

My email: victoriapeng@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance.


Liz said...

Would you please be so kind as to email me the sites where the Paul & Joe cosmetics can be bought?
Thanks, Liz

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Anonymous and Liz,

Sorry for my late response on your messages! I was out of town in the past days and couldn't be able to access the internet so conveniently.

I will email you guys soon! Apologize for my late reply again!

Thank you for stopping by here!



Anonymous said...

You can get Paul & Joe at beautycloset.com, luileiny.com, or call Bergdorf Goodman (they carry the full line and have that fan brush holder and matching compact) and they will ship the items to you.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you thank you so much for passing on the exciting information. I am really excited to know that Paul & Joe Beaute is available in Bergdorf Goodman ( in stores.) The webs you provide are also good alternatives for Paul & Joe lovers to shop.

I shall put up an updated link regarding the information you pass on.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Best wishes,


SS said...


I'm so exited that find you all are fan of this product, which I've been looking for places that carries these product for sooooo long.... Can you kindly send me the online shops that carries this brand?

my email: siuws@yahoo.com

thanks so much in advance!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello SS,

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I am so happy to know you are a fan of Paul & Joe as well!

Yes, I will send you an email soon about where to purchase Paul & Joe online. :)

Have a great day!

Best wishes,


PrimpingParleur said...

You can purchase the full line of Paul & Joe Beaute at THE PRIMPING PARLEUR in Orange County CA. We are also launching our ecommerce site later this month, so you can purhcase that way. In the mean time, we do offer mail order!