Chanel & Dior Spring 2008 Makeup Collections

Recently, I have paid much attention on spring colors. Spring makeup colors usually feature deep/ intense shades and soft/feminine colors. It is quite balanced between dark winter colors and pastel springlike shades.

After you have seen the pictures of Laura Mercier's Seduction Colleciton, Jill Stuart's Seductive Eyes, Paul & Joe's Sweetie & Disney Collection, have you gathered your ideas which Spring 2008 makeup collection you feel like to pick up? Today, I am going to feature another two spring 2008 collections from Chanel and Dior. Every time I check out each season's makeup collections from different cosmetics brands, Chanel and Dior would always be added to top of my shopping list.

It is probably not fair to compare Chanel and Dior on the same level. However, there are many times I found myself stuck in department stores pondering colors between Dior and Chanel. To me, Dior and Chanel have some similar features to a degree that I often compare both of them at same level. They both produce quality products with an extraordinary aesthetic sense from makeup shades to packaging. As to eyeshadow, I adore Dior's 5-Colour Eyeshadows and Chanel's LES 4 OMBRES Quadra Eye Shadows that have so many beautiful and subtle eyeshadow palettes. In each season, Dior comes up with delicate packaging for its limited-edition collections. However, Chanel releases limited-edition pretty nail shades that can always create frenzy and nail trends among girls. That's why I especially like to compare these two brands in my category of western brands in order to shop wisely.

"Bloom in Dior" Collection for Spring 2008:

  • The star product : The Flower Blossom Palette is embossed with flower. The flower-embossed face powder is inspired by the Victoire de Castellane’s Diorette jewelry collection. It is filled with five iridescent pastel shades to highlight the cheeks and eyes.
  • 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow: available in Spring Bouquet and Pink May
  • 1-Colour Eyeshadow: available in Flirty Brown and Blooming Pin
  • Rouge Dior: available in Amber Camera and Brown Close-Up
  • Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect: available in Beige Velvet, Cotton Petal , Pink Liberty, Fuchsia Poplin
  • DiorSkin Shimmer Star: 001 (pink) and 002 (bronze)
  • DiorSkin Pressed Powder: 001 Light, 002 Medium and 003 Dark
  • DiorSkin Loose Powder: 001 Light, 002 Medium and 003 Dark
  • Vernis Nail Lacquer: 019 (pale pink )and 349 (pink)
  • 4 Fleurs de Chanel Yeux-eyes: powder eyeshadows of egg blue, pealized white, sunrise pink and lilac in the shape of the camellia
  • Quadra Eye Shadow: Bleu Célestes (navy and pale tones)
  • Ombre D'eau Fluid Irisdescent Eyeshadow: Rivage (rose gold) and Glacier (soft blue)
  • Precision Eye Definer: Blue Jean (rich navy)
  • Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour: Frivole (blue-pink) and Exquise (shimmering peach)
  • AQUALUMIÈRE Sheer Colour Lipshine SPF 15: Phiphi (sheer pink) and Anoasis(nude peach)
  • Crème Gloss Lumière Brush-on Crreme Lip Colour: Crème Caramel (true nude) and Petit Four (creme pink)
  • LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES Glossimer:Iris (peachy pink) and Hibiscus (shimmering plum)
  • Powder Blush: Luna (white shimmer) and Enchanteresse ( brown rose )
  • LE VERNIS Nail Colour: Blue Satin (deep navy), Rose Satin (pure pink), White Satin (lustrous white;) and Azur (light blue)
"Bloom in Dior" Collection and Chanel's Aurora Blues Accent Collection are both lovely products. I haven't had a chance to try these two makeup collections. "Bloom in Dior" is not yet available while Chanel's Spring 2008 is already available in the US. Based on the commercial photos on websites and magazines, Dior's Spring 2008 feature hues of soft pinks and lilacs, which are sweet and ladylike. However, Chanel's Spring 2008 is all about blues, soft pinks and opalescent whites which emphasize more to the cool side of blue notes.


Nan said...

Did anyone check out Sephora yet, oh my gosh CK is here, check it out.

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Hello, Nan,

Thank you so much for kindly leaving the message about Calvin Klein cosmetics! I really appreciate.

Just last weekend, A Touch of Blusher has also sent me an email about its arrival at Sephora. I am so excited, and am going to put up a post about it a little later on.

Have any ck items caught your attention?

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