Laura Mercier Seduction Collection

Christmas time has slowly passed by. As it is near the end of 2007, many cosmetics brands have just quietly released their colors for Spring 2008. Seduction Collection is the latest collection from Laura Mercier for Spring 2008.

Laura Mercier produces quality makeup base such as foundation primer and tinted moisturizer. The style of its makeup colors is neutral, contemporary and low profile, which transcends a makeup that looks modern, intellectual and refined. It has nothing really extravagant or sparkling, just like another American brand, Bobbi Brown.

[Eye Colour Quad from Laura Mercier Seduction Collection]

Seduction Collection has two sets of Eye Colour Quad ($38) that have impressed me a lot. Eye Colour Quad (in limited-edition) comes in two palettes of violet shades. When it comes to sexy and feminine colors for women, beautiful violet/lavender shades are not to be missed. The Shy Violet palette includes Deep-eggplant, shimmery-maroon, mauve, and pale-ivory-pink. On the other hand,the Wild Violet palette includes Black-violet, eggplant, pink-mauve, and ivory-pearl. I like the combination of colors for both palettes. Pinks and ivory shades soften the intense shades of violet/ deep eggplants. It is a well balance between deep and light. I also like the eyeshadow powders that are molded in shapes of petal in the center on the palette.

Other items in the Seduction Collection are:

  • Brilliant Eye Liner: a liquid eye liner available in the colors of Cobalt, Golden, Onyx & Violette
  • Lip Colour - Creme: includes Mistress (pink-red) and Passion (yellow-red)
  • Lip Colour - Shimmer: includes Pixie (soft-rose-pink), Plum Wine (cool-mauve-wine), and Seduction (cool-blue-red)
  • Center Faux Eyelashes, Corner Faux Eyelashes and Full Faux Eyelashes
  • Violette Eau de Toilette
  • Nail Lacquer: Avant Garde (deep-eggplant ) and Daring (rich-burgundy)

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