Chanel Nail Polish from the Aurora Blues Accent Collection for Spring 2008

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Chanel is introducing a limited-edition lineup of nail colors ($19) as a part of the Aurora Blues Accent Collection for spring 2008, which includes Blue Satin, Rose Satin, White Satin and Azure. I remember when Chanel Black Satin was released in late July 2006, it was sold out everywhere. Celebrities and beauty lovers raved about it, which, eventually forced Chanel to produce more of this cult nail polish to fulfill its high demand.

This season, the dark hued nail shades are still hot. The Goth look has gained growing popularity. Chanel's Blue Satin is a new shade from its spring Aurora Blues Accent Collection 2008. It is a very deep blue with subtle shimmer. It is pigmented with glossy shine. Azure is a sheer baby blue that contains multicolored shimmer. The nail colors from Aurora Blues Accent are now available at Chanel's website.

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