Smythson of Bond Street

[Photo credit: Smythson website]

Selecting a cosmetics bag to keep my beauty supplies organized is very important. To pick out a beautiful cosmetics bag that has the right functionality to carry all my favorite makeups is even more important. Since it is an everyday-use item, it has to be spacious, durable, and has to be aesthetically pleasing.

I came across Smythson's leather good last weekend on Harper's Bazaar's "A Fashionable Life" Fall 2007. The one featured on Bazaar's magazine was the leather brush roll from Smythson's Lilac collection. Its stylish design caught my eyes and I immediately dived into cyberworld to search for more information. I have had a ride browsing Smythson's website.

Smythson has a heritage of fine stationary, leather goods and cabinet work since 1887. Among its various collections, I am particularly fond of Aqua Adamo, Lilac, and Nancy Handbag Collections. The Lilac Collection, however, has impressed me the most. The design is simple, yet it is stylish and elegant. The Lilac color adds a soft and feminine touch.

Part of the Autumn/Winter 2007 collection, The Cosmetics Case ($225) from Lilac Collection is made of new soft Adamo calfskin. It is definitely a good quality that can withstand wear for years. The size is 18 x 11 x 7cm (7" x 4" x 2.5"). The Make-up Brush Roll ($510) is also fantastic. It is also made of soft Adamo calfskin and includes eight professional quality brushes and tweezers. The brush roll is 26 x 10cm (10.25" x 5"). These two beauty accessories are just added to my wish list for this year. I hope you also enjoy browsing the Smythson website!


BeautyTalk said...

I love this!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Beautytalk,

Thank you for stopping by!

I am glad you also like the Lilac Collection's cosmetics case and makeup brush roll from Smythson! I really like they put the soft lilac color into the design! It is kind of rare on the market.

Best wishes,