Designs and Styles of Japanese Nail Art

[Photo credit: Maquia magazine January 2008 issue]

[Photo credit: Voce magazine February 2008 issue]

Nail fashion is one of the popular beauty trends in Japan. I always pay attention to different designs and styles of Japanese nail art when I am reading beauty magazines. Japanese creative nail artists always can transform nails in a delicate form of arts. Nail designs often involve gluing artificial nail chips to natural nails, techniques of painting and blending shades, applications of piercing, decorating ornaments of lace, beads, jewels, crystals, glitter and etc. These Japanese nail designs are expressed on high level of sophistication and precision.

Check out the online prints featured on the Maquia magazine (January 2008 issue) and the Voce magazine (February 2008 issue). I enjoy seeing every piece of work and how the artists interpret the nail art in various styles from cute, ladylike, elegant, cool to simple design. I am always stunned by the nail designs that are elaborately painted and delicately decorated.

Treating my nails with Japanese manicure/Japanese nail art makes me feel luxurious and feminine. I guess all the longer nails and beautiful details are the reason why. Although long nails with brilliant colors and jewels are probably not suitable for doing houseworks like laundry and dish washing daily basis. However, it is truly a delicate form of art that sometimes I would love to treat myself with a Japanese manicure for special occasions.

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