Nail Color Tulipe Noir by Chanel

Tulipe Noir is a limited-edition nail color from Chanel Fall 2007 collection. This nail color has been sizzling hot as soon as it hits the shelves in July. Now it is almost sold out everywhere, even at most online shopping stores.

Tulipe Noir is a dark red/deep plum with a hint of gold shimmer. With the shimmery gold, it makes the deep red a metallic shade. The color presented on nails is very subtle and pretty. The picture of the bottle could be deceiving; it is not as dark as you can see from the bottle. You might feel daunted since Tulipe Noir is becoming a rare item and hard to find on the market. But hey, don't feel bad. So far a consensus thinks albeit the limited-edition "wow" factor and its uniqueness, this color is not irreplaceable. There are still other similar red colors from other brands that you can find elsewhere.

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