Anna Sui Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

Ad Campaign of Anna Sui Fall 2009 Collection

Anna Sui fall 2009 makeup collection will be released on August 20th in Japan. The collection consists mostly of revamped base makeup items that feature new packaging. These base makeup products, including Moisture Rich Foundation Primer, Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation and Moisture Rich Powder Foundation, aim at providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect and a smooth, flawless coverage.

Also, I was very surprised to see that the new face of Anna Sui Cosmetics is supermodel Agyness Deyn, who fronted the fall 2008 ad campaign for Shiseido's Maquillage.

Here are the images of this collection:

Moisture Rich Foundation Primer (SPF12 PA+)

Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation: (SPF15 PA++) 6 shades

Moisture Rich Powder Foundation: (SPF15 PA++) (case and refill sold separately) 5 shades

Sponge FD (with case)
Eye Color Accent B: 3 shades (limited editions)

Lipstick B: 3 shades (limited editions)

Nail Color N: 5 new shades (limited editions)

This collection also has limited-edition Moisture Rich Foundation Kit, which includes Moisture Rich Foundation Primer, either Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation or Moisture Rich Powder Foundation in a pouch. Items in the Moisture Rich Foundation Kit are all full-sized.

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Images updated on July 27th, 2009

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SweetFurr said...

Very pretty packaging! I wonder where they sell Anna Sui in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

pretty! the anna sui counter is usually empty when i visit so i can't see many things. i need to go there again soon. not sure when we have this collection though.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Jojoba,

The packaging of Anna Sui Cosmetics is always a winner. I can't help but want those beautiful Anna Sui products!



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi SweetFurr,

I am very sorry for my belated reply.

For the US, currently, Anna Sui Cosmetics is only available at the Anna Sui boutique in SoHo (New York, NY). The Anna Sui boutique in SoHo does take orders over the phone for customers who live outside of New York City.

You can see the information of the Anna Sui boutique in SoHo at the global version of the Anna Sui website ( by clicking the section of "store locations."

Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.