Essie Fall 2009 Cuddle with Color Collection

Some of you probably have learned that a mini set of nail colors from Essie fall 2009 collection is now available at Nordstrom. This mini set (Nordstrom exclusive) consists of Pink Parka, Angora Cardi, Mink Muffs and Midnight Cami. These colors are four of the six shades from Essie fall '09 collection.

This collection includes (from left to right in the picture):
  • Chinchilly: granite gray
  • Angora Cardi: dusty rose
  • Mink Muffs: smoky plush taupe
  • Midnight Cami: shimmering twilight blue
  • Bright Tights: electric orange
  • Pink Parka: hot pink
Which one of these new shades from Essie fall 2009 collection has caught your attention?

[Photo credit: Member Oh Cyanide! from Lushious Beauty Talk Forum]

Updated on August 11th,2009:
Head over to this post on Beauty Judy blog for swatches and close-ups of Essie fall 2009 Cuddle with Color Collection!

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Pobedochka said...

Hi! :)

Speaking of Essie laquers.

I've just overbid (read: fought)a competitor on eBay and got a gorgeous Essie in MARABOU #399! :)

I'm really glad, because that shade is "absolutely me". It's very special,lady-like and stylish, imo.

I've also subscribed to your blog, because you post very interesting info! ;)


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Pobedochka,

Thank you for letting me know. I am so glad that you got Essie Marabou. I saw the close-ups and swatches of this color on other nail blogs. It is a really beautiful light pink with cool undertones.

Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. I am glad that you enjoy reading my posts. Do come back often! I would love to hear from you!



Monte Negro Lily said...

oh my goodness, i love love the color Mink Muffs. i'm getting that one for sure next time i'm at the store.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for linking ot my blog! I love the shot you have of the display! I was so confused when I saw the two brights in there, I thought maybe they were misplaced by the store clerks! But it's cool :) Anyway, thanks again! :) Cool blog, too btw!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Monte Negro Lily,

Thank you for posting your comment! I am not sure if you have come across a post on Beauty Judy blog that features swatches and close-ups of this collection.

Here is the URL of the post:

I hope you will enjoy a closer look at this collection! :)



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Beautyjudy,

Thank you very much for stopping by! I am very sorry for my belated reply. (My blog was down. I had been working with Google/Blogger to regain access to my blog.)

You are welcome for the linking to your post. I enjoy reading your review on this collection very much. Thanks so much for the swatches and close-ups!

I like your blog too. Keep up the good work! I definitely will stop by your blog often to keep in touch! :)