Anna Sui Rouge Jar

Anna Sui Rouge Jar in Rouge Godet ($15) is a fun lip gloss to have! It is one of Anna Sui most popular cosmetic products. At first glance, this lip gloss looks transparent in the jar. After you apply it, your body heat will activate the lip gloss color and turn it into a sheer rosy-pink, just like magic. The Rouge Jar has a rosy and flowery scent, a signature scent of Anna Sui make-up products. Some find this scent overwhelming but it just hits the spot for me. The texture is like a lip balm, just without any shimmery particle or extra shine. I love it because it makes my lips look so naturally fresh and radiant! Also, it is very moisturizing. This lip gloss is for the time when I need a break from all the dazzling bling lip glosses and give my lips a natural-looking tint with nice moisturization.


Marissa said...

Where can you get this liprouge? If you can, email me the answer at thank you :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa,

I noticed in your blogger profile that you are based in NYC. Actually, you can buy this item at the Anna Sui boutique in SoHo.

Here is the store information:

(Contact Number) 212-9418-406
(Address)113 Greene St NY, NY 10012

I hope this information helps. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.