Anna Sui Lip Gloss #304

Anna Sui Lip Gloss #304

I love Anna Sui Cosmetics, especially its signature rose scent that is infused in everyone of its cosmetics. I have two Anna Sui's lip products, Rouge Jar and Sui Rouge S Lipstick. Not only that I like their colors and soft textures, I also love that they are lightly scented with the fresh rose fragrance and how the light floral scent stays on my lips without the feeling of "eating/chewing" fragrance.

Lip gloss is a makeup item that sometimes needs re-applications on a day out. If a lip gloss has a pleasant scent I love, it simply makes me feel happy while wearing the pretty lip gloss. Thus, when I needed to buy a lip gloss last summer, I decided to try Anna Sui Lip Gloss. I headed to a beauty website, and found
Lip Gloss #303 (Pearly Rose) and #304 (Cherry Pink) were the pink shades that I liked. At the end, I decided to take #304.

#303 and #304 of Anna Sui Lip Gloss are soft pink shades. However, #303 is a lighter pink than #304. #304 looks velvety with plenty of dense fine shimmer from the tube. When I first applied it on my lips, I was worried the shimmer would be too sparkling. But it didn't. In fact, it goes on sheer and glossy naturally. The shimmer consisting of multi-color particles such as gold, peachy, and lavender...etc.

The shimmering particles look subtle on my lips. The finish is slightly translucent with a hint of pink. My lips appear fuller and more dimensional naturally. What I also like about it is the color stays put very well and it doesn't bleed. This lip gloss provides a vibrant luminosity, subtle shine and natural definition on my lips. I'd plan to purchase this lip gloss in different shades in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, yum! They are so very pretty and that berry shade is to die for!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Rocketqueen,

It is indeed a pretty color. It goes on natural and sheer pink. I find Sui Lip Gloss also does a good job evening out the fine lip lines for a glossy shine.

Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you like it too!