Shiseido Integrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss

Integrate is a drugstore brand under Shiseido Corporation. It is a relatively young brand that has been established in Japan since 2006, targeting at women in the 20-40 years of age. This brand focuses on wearability and fuctionatily that help women create makeup looks efficiently with its understated elegant makeup colors and packaging designs.

Their makeup colors are soft and wearable. Though their packaging style is rather sleek and minimalist with a grown-up feel, I still found it lacks a sense of uniqueness.

Lip products have been this makeup line's top-selling items. The Glamerous Rouge lip gloss particulary is the star product for the brand, and has been quite popular in Japan. When it was first launched in Japan,
about 9.6 millions of Glamerous Rouge glosses were sold within half year.
Shiseido InteGrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss Integrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss

Glamerous Rouge is currently available in 12 shades. This is my review on the shade in PK 321 (light pink).

Shiseido InteGrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss Integrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss PK321

The lip gloss disguises as a pen. There is a tube in the center to dispense the gloss to the spatula. You can see through the middle of tube to check how much lip gloss is left.

Shiseido InteGrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss Bottom of Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss

The dispenser is a smart design! You twist
the tube clockwise at the bottom to dispense gloss to the applicator. And if too much were dispensed, you could actually twist the bottom anti-clockwise to draw the gloss back to the tube from the applicator.

Shiseido InteGrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss Integrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss PK321

The transparent applicator is soft. It has good flexibility for a smooth and even application. The applicator's tip comes in a round shape, making it easier to spread the color, and achieving the curve shape especially for the center edge of my upper lips.

PK321 is a light pink shade with noticeable multi-colored shimmering particles. It is free of fragrance.

Shiseido InteGrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss IntegGrate Glamerous Rouge Lip Gloss PK321

The color is similar to my Anna Sui Sui Lip Gloss #304, which I reviewed before. The differences are Integrate Glamerous Rouge PK321 appears less pinkish, yet more translucent on my lips due to its sheer consistency, and the shimmering particles of Sui Lip Gloss #304 are finer and more subtle.

The gel-like texture is richly moist. I don't feel it is sticky on my lips.

PK321 goes on sheer and glossy with a hint of pink on my lips. Once it settles in, the shimmering particles are less noticeable as seen in the tube.

This lip gloss evens out my fine lines to impart a nice wash of color. What I like about it is it gives a fuller dimension to my lips in a natural-looking way. And it adds clarity and luminosity to my lips for a dewy moist and subtle shimmering finish. For a long-wearing result, I would suggest at least 3 layers of application.

Integrate is considered a lower pricing makeup line. This lip gloss costs 1,260 Japan Yen, which is about $11-12 USD. It holds 1.8g of gloss, which is very little compared to other lip glosses in the market. If you breaks down the unit cost of InteGrate Glamerous Rouge lip gloss, its unit price is even higher than Dior or Chanel lip glosses (Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect is 5.5g for $24.5 USD; Chanel Glossimer lip gloss is 5.5g for $26 USD).

Overall, I enjoy using this lip gloss as it provides an evenly glossy and subtly shimmery finish. I found the color is on the sheer side. I expected it would be much more pigmented for a semi-opaque coverage. It is great to be worn alone when I just want to add shine and luminosity with just a hint of color on my lips. For a good result, I think this lip gloss looks beautiful on top of other of my pigmented lipstick(s). If you like sheer-tones for lips and would like to get a taste of Japanese drugstore lip glosses, Integrate Glamerous Rouge lip gloss would be a great choice.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very helpful review. i love your blog. please keep up your good work!!!!


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Mimi,

Thank you for visiting!

I am so happy that you enjoy this review and my blog.

Hope to hear from you again. :)



Piece of Cake said...

just discovered your blog through musing of muse link. btw, I think the gloss ability to turn anti-clockwise to suck the gloss back to the tube is brilliant! I hate pen gloss/pen anything because I always over-twist that thing. I wish you post a picture of you wearing the gloss, though. Happy bloggin!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Piece of Cake,

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I am glad you enjoy using this lip gloss. I totally agree with you. I like that any excessive gloss can be drawn back to the tube by turning the bottom of the tube anti-clockwise.

I also love the texture of this gloss. It gives such a sheer wash of color that is very suitable for everyday wear.

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I certainly understand swatches can help readers get to see the exact color better. I am so sorry that I still prefer and feel more comfortable to stay behind my blog. I am so sorry about it.

Thank you very much once again for your comment and suggestion! I hope to hear from you again! :)

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Peiwen said...

Hello, BA

I LOVE your blog!!!
I also got one from Taiwan.
Integrate collection is super hot in Taiwan.
You can try their eyeshadow palette. THEY are Nice!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Peiwen,

I am very sorry for my belated reply. I apologize that my reply has come up so late. I am very sorry about it.

Thank you so much for liking my blog. I am happy to learn that you enjoy visiting my blog.

I actually bought some nail polishes from Integrate when I was on vacation in Asia last month. I love how they look on my nails!

Thanks a lot for your recommendation on their eyeshadows. Which is the eyeshadow product in this line that you enjoy the most? I would love to try their eyeshadow products in the future. :)