Giesele Bündchen New Face of MAX Factor

Giesele Bündchen for MAX Factor

Brazilian supermodel Giesele Bündchen will be the newest face of MAX Factor, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Giesele signs with MAX Factor to replace Carmen Electra who had a three-year deal with the brand.

MAX Factor will unveil this Brazilian bombshell showcasing its makeup line beginning Sept 18, 2008 on its website. And, we will see her appear in the ad campaigns for MAX Factor's Lipfinity Lip Collection and ColorGenius Face Collection starting next month.

Giesele Bündchen New Face of MAX Factor
[Photo credit: AP]

Does it mean the company's aims towards a modern, dynamic, and fashion-forward edge? I am looking forward to seeing the new product ranges, makeup color styles and ad campaigns MAX Factor will bring to us as Giesele fronts this brand.


lelaelena said...

Oh Gisele.
Probably the smartest thing Max factor could do would be to put out a line Gisele bronzers -"get that Brazilian glow"-.

God knows, despite my common sense I tend to feel much warmer toward brands that use old school models and at this point in the game, Gisele has turned into one of them.

I love your blog, you're so informed. Check out mine:

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello lelaelena,

Thank you very much for posting your comment! I am very sorry for my belated reply.

I was actually surprised to learn that Giesele was confirmed as the new face of Max factor. She has great confidence and a charming personality. I look forward to seeing her make the brand on a different vibe.

Thank you very much for liking my blog. I definitely would check out your blog!

Thanks a lot for visiting!