Sony CP Curvy Lip Silicone

Sony CP Curvy Lip Silicone (7.5 g for 1,260 Yen ;around $11.00 - $13 in Asia) has been one of the top selling lip glosses in Japan and several other countries in East Asia. The name "curvy lip silicone" is self explanatory; it offers a lip plumping effect! I bought the pink color a year ago. That is the prettiest lip plumping effect I have ever enjoyed. Unfortunately, my lips just don't agree with Sony CP lip gloss. Though the lip gloss contains grapefruit oil, maxi lip, soy bean extract, and camomile extract to help with moisturizing, I have a bad reaction on my lips with the lip gloss (The allergy would begin the next day after I apply it and lasts at least a week). I guess that is because I have a sensitive skin, including my lips. So far, I have never heard anyone else experience the same reaction like mine. For those of you have normal skin without any allergy problems, I encourage you to give it a try.
The lip gloss leaves my lips soft and flawless. I see it even out fine lines beautifully. It does have a lacquered shine in a sheer way. It plumps up my lips, but it doesn't transform the lips into a fat sausage-look. It only gives you a sexier and fuller look. Plus, Sony CP Curvy Lip Silicone comes in a soft plastic spatula applicator, which makes it easier to "paint" up the lip gloss. It is available in five delicious colors: clear, pink, beige, mellon beige, and milky pink. The clear color seems to be the number one best selling color in Japan. I guess I am the only poor girl who has to pass on the beautiful lip gloss because of my sensitive skin type. After all, it is a hard-to-resist one!

Edited on November 29, 2007: check out A Touch of Blusher 's blog for her review on this product!


saintadele said...

u selling the clear one? cos i'm interested in getting one. XD .
do email me at .thanks

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Saintadele,

Thank you very much for stopping by!

Unfortunately, I owned the pink color one. Although I extremely love this lip gloss, it just didn't agree with my skin. It always caused allergy reaction on my lips.

I am sorry that I already passed it on to one friend.

Are you interested to buy the Sony CP Curvy Lip Silicone at online beauty stores? If you want, I can show you a couple of websites that sell this item?



Anonymous said...

i will like to know where to buy the clear one..very interested on it..

email me at

im malaysian.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just sent you an email about the online retail stores that carry this item and offer delivery to Malaysia.

I am very sorry for my belated reply. Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions about this lip gloss.