Product Review: Pop Beauty Lip Lust

Pop Beauty Lip Lust

Pop Beauty is a makeup line from UK that always come up with colorful cosmetics in youthful and playful packaging. This brand is popular for its eyeshadow palettes in various color combinations.

Pop Beauty Lip Lust in Petal Pink

Apparently, Pop Beauty focuses on the lip gloss more than lipstick because Lip Lust is the only lipstick range available in this makeup line at this point. This lipstick is available in Naughty Red(sheer strawberry red), Dewy Toffee(light peachy-nude), Flirty Fuchsia(sheer pink fuchsia) and Petal Pink(sheer pale pink). The shade I have tried is Petal Pink, which is a sheer pale pink with multi-colored shimmer.

Lip Lust is made with a lightweight and moisturizing formula. It is enriched with vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to provide moisture. It goes on sheer, making the lipstick quite buildable and layerable. After I apply a thin layer of this lipstick, it adds a translucent tint of pink with a silvery radiance on my lips. With thicker layers of application, it delivers a semi-opalescent coverage, and a subtle frosty pink finish. The shimmer helps make my lips appear to be fuller.
Pop Beauty Lip Lust in Petal Pink

The lipstick is infused with food flavorings for yummy taste, according to the product description. Personally, I don't like the creamy scent(supposedly from the food flavorings) that much. It is less bothersome, however, as the scent goes away quickly after it is applied to the lips.

Pop Beauty Lip Lust in Petal Pink

I enjoy using Pop Beauty Lip Lust in Petal Pink (sheer pale pink with multi-colored shimmer). The lipstick gives a good dimension to my lips. If you have pale to fairly light skin, I think it is a lovely lip color for a casual day look. For medium to dark skin tone, it is a great lip color to layer on top of other lip color(s) or to highlight the center of lips for more dimension.

*This sample is provided by Pop Beauty. However, this review is solely based on my personal opinions after using this product.*

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