MAC Heatherette Collection: Lipstick in Lollipop Loving

MAC Heatherette Collection is a collaboration between MAC cosmetics and fashion designers of Heatherette, Richie Rich and Traver Rains. The collection was released in the US in late March, 2008. It consists of lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadow palettes, dual edge eye pencils, glitters, loose color powders, blushers, nail lacquers and fake lashes. Among all, the lipsticks and lip glosses were highly coveted. They were sold out very quickly online at MAC website.

I noticed some other items from MAC Heatherette Collection like Eye Shadow Trio and Duo Edge Eye Pencil are still available online. You can still get your hands on it if you want anything from this collection! The collection has not been available in the Asia markets since it made its debut in March this year. I have come across a few websites mentioning MAC Heatherette Colleciton might hit the stores in Asia this coming July.

At the very beginning when I first glimpsed the advertisement photos on websites, I wasn't really intrigued by the packaging at all. I admit I am fussy about make-up packaging. I thought the plastic hot pink packaging and the print of glittery silver polka dots looked too 70/80s for me. The combination has a nifty and funky personality. After I checked out the Heatherette Collection at the counter, surprisingly, I ended up liking the makeup colors!

First Impression of Heatherette Lipsticks
In the collection, the pink-based lipsticks impressed me the most. There are four lipsticks in the line-up, including Fleshpot, Lollipop Loving, Melrose Mood and Hollywood Nights. Each shade looked so girly that I wanted to take all of them home. After giving some more thought, I decided to take the lipstick in Lollipop Loving.
  • Fleshpot is a pale nude beige with a warm pink undertone. It has a satin finish. As much as I like it, the fleshy beige tone looks too pale on my lips.
  • Melrose Mood is a bright pastel pink with a blue undertone. It has MAC Amplified formula, which has a creamy, smooth and rich texture. The cool undertone makes the finish very intense and bright. I have fair to light skin with light yellow undertones. I don't think I can pull off the color easily and nicely.
  • Hollywood Nights is a fuchsia pink with a red undertone. It is the most pigmented in the line-up. I found Hollywood Nights stayed on well after hours of wear. My lips were nicely stained when the color started to wear off. I could still see a trace of lip color after I had some food. It has an amazing staying power that is perhaps perfect for people who like long-lasting lipsticks. The color is well-balanced between levels of softness and intensity to offer a nice sense of drama and femininity. I find it is a pretty color for night occasions.

Review on Heatherette Lipstick in Lollipop LovingAs you can see from the picture, Lollipop Loving looks peachy coral in the tube. It goes on light peachy-pink. The lipstick has a good pigmentation. What makes Lollipop Loving unique is it has green and golden iridescence. I like the combination of faint pink, peachy shade and golden/green iridescence. It creates a light peachy nude finish with a hint of pale pink. It doesn't make me look washed-out like other pale lipsticks I have used. The golden/green iridescence delivers a nice healthy sheen over the lips, but not too overly shimmery.

This is my first lipstick that contains green flecks of iridescence. I am surprised to find the subtle green/golden shimmer goes so well with light peachy-pink. This color is great for spring and summer. After all, I don't really mind the packaging style if the quality and color are amazing!

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nilla cookie said...

Wonderful review, BA! This was definitely my favorite lippie from Heatherette as well :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear Lilan,

Thank you very much for liking the post! I have been meaning to post the review for a while. Lollipop Loving has been my favorite lipstick among spring/summer 2008 makeup collections.

I am so happy you feel the same! The lipstick is so wearable and chic!

Thanks a lot for leaving the message!

Best wishes,