Dior Holiday 2010 Minaudiere Palette

Dior Holiday 2010 Minaudiere Palette
[Photo credit: londonprettyboy.wordpress.com]

I am dying to get my hands on Dior's limited-edition Minaudiere palette from Dior's holiday 2010 makeup collection! The vintage-inspired clutch palette is beautiful and classy!

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Amy said...

The class and colour scheme is very elegant. It reminds me of D&G make-up as they tend to embody the gold theme.

Autumn Masquerade said...


The styling of the palette is very Dior. The cover for the lip gloss is both clever and practical.

www.Cosmetic-Candy.com said...

Cor! That is a sexy palette

airbrush makeup said...

It is so elegant, and so class. Dior really rocks!

Kimberly (@Glamarific) said...

Ho. Lee. Cow. Everything about that is gorgeous! So elegant!

Danielitsa said...

this looks great...