Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige

Here's my little secret; I am obsessed with neutral-toned eyeshadows that accounted almost half of my eyeshadow stash. I love how the variations of beiges, browns and grays can create a barely-there, effortlessly elegant look.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige

One of the neutral-toned eyeshadow palettes I had been looking to purchase was Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige, which was launched in spring 2007. It has been one of the best-selling, award-winning eyeshadows in Japan, and has regularly been featured in numerous Japanese beauty magazines for its everyday wearability and pure elegance.

  • Upper Left: light champagne with subtle gold flecks
  • Upper Right: gold-toned nude beige with pearl shimmer
  • Bottom Left: beige taupe with micro-fine silver shimmer
  • Bottom Right: dark brown with subtle gold shimmer
Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige

All the colors are light except the dark brown. The nude beige and nude taupe are more or less on the same level of pigmentation. Both colors are light-pigmented, while the dark brown is moderately-pigmented.

The light champagne with gold flecks is intensely sparkling, but the glitter is not chunky or flaky. The rest of the shades have delicate and finely-milled shimmering particles

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige


These eyeshadows are light, smooth, and easy to blend.

The colors in #01 Beige Beige coordinate to each other well, and are very wearable and natural-looking for my fair skin.

The dark brown with medium pigment softly and understatedly defines the eyes. Both the gold-toned nude beige and nude taupe in #01 Beige Beige work great as shading colors for me. I like that the nude beige evens out skin tone and brightens up the eyes with a gold-toned finish.

And the nude taupe adds dimension with a subtle silver sheen. The only shade I don't really like is the champagne gold glitter. It is too intense for my liking, but works fine as a highlighting color for evening makeup.

Lasting Power
The colors don't crease, and last well throughout the day.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige


Note that the colors from #01 Beige Beige are mostly light. The colors work well together, and create subtle depth and dimension to the eyes for fair to medium skin types. On the other hand, they might not show up well on medium to darker complexions.

I think what makes Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes #01 Beige Beige unique is its wearability and subtlety. The color combination gives a clean, understated yet classy look that is suitable for all occasions, especially office and day casual occasions.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this thorough review for the Lunasol palette. I own the Lunasol Skin Modeling in Beige Beige as well and it's been one of my everyday go-to palettes. Lunasol really makes the best quality eyeshadow palettes I've tried so far. The only thing I can complain about are the glitters. I can live without the shades with glitters. :)

Tiptoe21 said...

I've always wanted to get this palette. It looks perfect for work

Edie's Blog said...

Really gorgeous, I love the fact they put the neutrals together like this. Beautiful compact as well. I feel the same as innerchild about the glitters, for daytime anyway. Check out the neutrals on my website The creamsicles have a little sheen, in vanilla, or island bronze. There is a range of 4 different creams, 5 different neutral tones, the compact holds 6 of your favorites.

lionelmessi10 said...

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