ck Calvin Klein Beauty Report with A Touch of Blusher

I am very excited to bring you joint reviews of the new line of Calvin Klein cosmetics, ck Calvin Klein Beauty with my fellow beauty blogger, PJ, from A Touch of Blusher. Two of us have picked up a few different products and we are hoping our joint reviews can offer you some perspectives of the new Calvin Klein cosmetics.
Calvin Klein has attempted several times to set up its cosmetics business. The first time traced back to the late 1970s. The last attempt had made the cosmetic line a short reappearance in the market in the early 2000s. The cosmetic line has remained its minimalist style just like the iconic brand image of Calvin Klein fashion design. Compared with the old line, the packaging design has transformed from transparent slim to sleek black. Although I slightly prefer the understatedly elegant style and urban zen feeling of old packaging, the new packaging design has a different vibe and reminds me a little of Chanel.The new makeup colors are still kept wearable, refined and classy. Only the comeback of Calvin Klein cosmetics, however, has a bolder take on utilizing colors and shimmer. I am going to feature a lipstick and an eye shadow that I bought from Sephora online.

Review on Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow in Sensuous Taupe
While browsing Sephora website, I was intrigued by a series of wearable, sophisticated colors, especially #136 Azure and #108 Olive Twist. I decided to take # 121 Sensuous Taupe instead because one of my all-time favorite eye shadow, #03 Taupe, is from the old Calvin Klein cosmetics. (Click here to see my previous review on #03 Taupe). I love this sandwash taupe eye shadow so much. I regretted I didn't stock up the eye shadows when I learned Calvin Klein cosmetics was going to discontinue its cosmetic line. I was hoping Sensuous Taupe from the new line could bring
the same excitement and freshness like the old Taupe.- Dark Taupe with Violet Undertones
Sensuous Taupe is a dark version of taupe with violet undertones. The eye shadow has ultra-fine golden shimmer. The shimmer is so refined and subdued to deliver a subtle, lively finish. It is quite a unique shade. Under outdoor lighting, it reflects a wash of golden taupe with hints of violet. When at indoors, it reflects more of a golden violet shade on my skin.

-Velvety texture
The texture is silky and velvety. I don't see my brush fly off eye shadow powder flakes easily. Encased there is a small sponge eye shadow applicator and a little square mirror. I see this is a great improvement over the eye shadow case design of the old Calvin Klein cosmetics. The only downside is the handle of the applicat
or is kind of short to hold with ease.

-Finish Look
The violet undertones soften the dark taupe hue and add a feminine feeling. But I found the violet undertones and the golden shimmer altogether seem to make my eyes look dull if I wear this eye shadow alone on a larger scale to create smoky eyes. I have to blend it with other eye colors like brown, black, or cool tone of blue to tone down the warm violet undertones. If I don't want to blend it with other colors, I will have to sport a small-scale smoky eye look with this color!

I do find this violet taupe with golden shimmer is perfect for the summer when I want to go softer with eyeliners. I love the dramatic effect with an soft and feminine touch.

Review on Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick in Henna
-Semi-matte and Lustrous Coverage
Sephora website describes the Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick in Henna as muted coral. It is sort of a sheer peachy coral shade, and more to the orange side. Henna has subtle reflective pigments. The shimmering particles are hard to notice from the tube, even from the finish. The lipstick is medium-pigmented and it gives a soft semi-matte, sheerly opaque coverage. When retracting with light, it adds a fuller dimension of my lips, and delivers a lustrous finish.

-Good Staying Power
The lipstick has a creamy consistency and texture I love. It goes on very smoothly as it melts right into and settles in the lips easily. I am surprised to find the lipstick is quite moisturizing and lasts well. My lips don't dry out after hours of wear.

Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick in Henna has quickly won my heart! It has been added to my list of favorite lipsticks. I can see myself sporting this color for a night out on the town often!

Overall Observation
Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow ($16) and Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick ($18) I bought are of good quality. With high-end quality, the prices belong to middle-price range. Even though the warm violet undertones of Sensuous Taupe eye shadow don't suit me nicely, I think it might be a great color for girls with warmer skin tones. Overall, I still enjoy the sophisticated, wearable makeup colors and good quality from the eye shadow and lipstick! I am glad Calvin Klein cosmetics has had a great comeback!

Shall I cordially invite you to A Touch of Blusher for her thoughts on ck Calvin Klein Beauty! She is bringing you
her observation of ck Calvin Klein Beauty and review on Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder
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Anonymous said...

I just got my ck Calvin Klein infinite matte oil-free foundation a couple days ago, and I am very happy with it. It has a medium coverage. I am able to cover my uneven tone, and it still blend really well. I have a combination skin type, and this works perfect, no shine all day. But I think this foundation isn't for very oily skin type. I wear it with a primer, but I don't really feel anything is on my face (I use it with Prime Time primer by Bare Escentuals).
I was actually looking into Lancome's Color Ideal foundation, but decided to take ck's because their results seem identical to me and ck's is slightly cheaper (I got it at $32 in Sephora). I was worrying about whether this will clog pores because the description says this foundation can minimize pores, and my pores are of normal size so I don't really need that function. It doesn't cause pimple with primer on. I haven't tried this on without a primer thou (and I won't).
Overall, I love the foundation and its nice glass bottle. I will definitely buy again!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the infinite matte oil-free foundation!

I was actually thinking to buy this foundation when I was shopping at Sephora online a while ago.

What you mentioned in your comment that the foundation is effective controlling oil has really caught my attention.

I am not sure if you have also come across the joint report of Calvin Klein cosmetics done by my fellow blogger, A Touch of Blusher. She mentioned the Loose Powder does a good job controlling oil and shine.

Even though my skin is sensitive and dry, the T zone can be oily and shiny in the summer time. I will consider buying CK's face products in the future.

Thank you so much for posting your comment!

Hope to hear from you again!