Preview: Lunasol Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

Some of you probably have heard about Lunasol's starry sky-themed collection for fall 2009. I have been very curious about how Lunasol will translate the inspiration of the starry sky into makeup products.

At this point, I don't have the images of the entire collection. But I am so excited to share with you a few pictures of the upcoming eyeshadow palettes from the lineup. I just came across this post written by blogger Himiko that features close-ups, swatches and her first impressions of 02 (green variation) and 05 (brown variation) palettes.

The top left shade features a tiny little star motif. Blogger Himiko mentioned that the bottom left shade is quite glittery. Apart from the green and brown variations, there will be red, purple and blue variations.

The green and brown-toned eyeshadow palettes look nice and wearable. They don't seem to be starry sky-themed to me, however. I definitely look forward to seeing more pictures of Lunasol's upcoming fall collection and how the makeup colors are presented by the model! :)

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