Kesalan Patharan Summer 2009 Release: Sheer Lighting Bronzer

Kesalan Patharan Sheer Lighting Bronzer

Kesalan Patharan will release a limited-edition pressed powder bronzer called Sheer Lighting Powder on June 19th in Japan. The powder is molded into small squares. It comes with five gradational shades in natural tan tones, and is available in only one variation.

Kesalan Patharan Sheer Lighting Bronzer

Sheer Lighting Powder is created to bring out radiant, glowing porcelain skin, and provide a dimensional effect on the face. The upper two stripes of shades are highlighting shades, and the bottom three stripes of shades are shading and contouring colors.


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Autumn Masquerade said...

Thanks for sharing! How interesting that KP is releasing a bronzer. It seems like bronzers are becoming more popular in Japan.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Autumn Masquerade,

Thank you for stopping by! The colors of Kesalan Patharan's Sheer Lighting Bronzer look quite pretty and soft.

I really look forward to seeing more and more bronzers from Japanese cosmetics brands in the future!