Lunasol Spring 2009 Collection

Promo Image of Lunasol Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

I was so excited to hear about the release of Lunasol's spring 2009 makeup collection. Debut on January 16th, 2009, this collection, themed with Floral Purification, is inspired by the energy and beauty of blooming cherry blossoms, magnolia, wisteria, azalea and plum in spring. It is always pleasant to see new eye colors from Lunasol.

#01 Pink Dradation #02 White Gradation

#03 Purple Gradation
#04 Red Gradation

#05 Orange Gradation

Layer Bloom Eyes from Lunasol Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

The new eyes
hadow quads, Layer Bloom Eyes, feature fresh, soft and translucent colors in pink, white, purple, red and orange color variations.

The rest of Lunasol spring 2009 collection includes:

  • Full Glamour Lips S: 15 shades (5 shades are limited- edition)
  • Full Glamour Gloss: 5 shades, limited- edition
  • Nail Finish: 5 new shades
For more close-up images of this cllection, check the post here at Rouge Deluxe.

Images updated on December 25th, 2008


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Wanderer said...

I like the #2

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Wanderer,

Thank you for stopping by!

I am glad that you like Lunasol's spring 2009 eyeshadow palette(s) as well.

I am really intrigued by the eyeshadow palettes in #02 White Gradation, #03 Purple Gradation, and #05 Orange Gradation. The #02 and #03 tempt me a little bit more at this moment. :)



Jessying said...


I just bought another Lunasol AW09 Starry Night palette today , after my 1st purchase of Dazzling Night, and now coming new collection !!!! Im so broke. i wan no 3 !!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi Jessying,

I know. Lunasol's eyeshadow palettes always catch my attention!

I hope you have been enjoying wearing the palette from Lunasol fall 2009 collection. :)