Sneak Peek of Kesalan Patharan Summer 2008 Makeup Collection

This is a sneak peek of Kesalan Patharan Summer 2008 Makeup Collection. The Face Color N features pastel, sandy and vibrant color gradations. It is available in three color combinations and is set to be launched on April 18, 08 in Japan.

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Kesalan Patharan Face Color N is a multi-purpose powder for eyes, cheeks, and the face. They usually come up with pastel, crisp and uplifting shades. In this line, trios of pink, fleshy, or earthy tones can be applied over face to create a natural effect. On the other hand, I think vibrant bright and deep color gradations are more suitable for the eye makeup. I prefer to use Face Color N trios as eye shadow. The light color is a base or highlighting color, the middle hue is for shading color, and the deep shade is for defining the eyes.

At this point, I am not sure if Face Color N is the only or part of Kesalan Patharan Summer 2008 Makeup Collection. I will update you with more details when I have more information.

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