RMK Summer 2009 Collection

RMK Summer 2009 Makeup Collection

RMK's summer 2009 collection was released on May 8th in Japan. The collection consists of 72 new colors of eyeshadow and blusher, and Separate Curl Mascara in 2 limited-edition shades.

This time, RMK has revamped the ranges of eyeshadows and blushers for better pigmentations with smoother spreadability and adherability.

Here are the images:
Ingenious Powder Eyes: in 35 shades

Ingenious Jelly Eyes: in 8 shades

Ingenious Powder Cheeks: in 23 shades
(EX01, EX 02 and EX03 are exclusive to RMK Aoyoma store)

Ingenious Jelly Cheeks: in 6 shades

Separate Curl Mascara: in 2 shades (limited editions)

Ingenious Powder Cheeks is available in pearl and matte textures, while Ingenious Powder Eyes comes in five textures from metallic, pearl, shiny, brown to dark. The "dark" eyeshadows can be used for lining the eyes, and the "brown" eyeshadows can be used for shading the eyes.

[Photo credit: www.iswii.net]

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