Jill Stuart Summer 2009 Collection

Jill Stuart's summer 2009 makeup collection will be released in Japan on June 5th. All the products in this collection are permanent items and most of them are new colors added to the existing lines.

It is worth noting that Jelly Eye Color N is a revamped range of gel/cream-based eyeshadows available in 10 colors. The packaging features an adorable look with its faceted glass jar.

The collection includes:
Illuminance Eyes: 1 new variation

Jelly Eye Color N: 10 shades

Jelly Lip Gloss: 3 new shades

Nail Lacquer N: 5 new shades

Base Coat N

Top Coat N

Protective Paper N: contains 70 sheets

[Photo credit: www.iswii.net]

Images updated on May 13th, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, I wished I could get Jill Stuart makeup here! :(

Really pretty stuff.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,

I know. I wish Jill Stuart Beauty were available in the US. The packaging and makeup colors are phenomenal.