Paul & Joe Summer 2009 Makeup Collection

Today's post features more detailed product information and images of Paul & Joe's summer 2009 makeup collection, which I have previously posted.

If you are a fan of a healthy sun-kissed makeup look for summer and are on the lookout for golden tan and neutral bronze shades in Japanese cosmetics, Paul & Joe's summer 2009 gold-themed collection is worth checking out.

This collection offers a range of vibrant gold shades for eyes, face, lips and nails. According to the press release from Iswii, Bronzers are enriched with moisturizing properties to help enhance the skin’s ability to maintain moisture, and provide a waterproof effect.

For lip makeup, each of the Lip Gloss S has two shades, lip gloss shade and gold shimmer, spiral around. As for nail colors, Nail Enamel S features three-tiered colors, and is available in three variations. Nail Enamel S is supposed to be shaken and mixed well before they are applied on nails.

This collection is set to be released on May 1th in Japan. All the items in this collection are limited editions, including:

001 Goddess (Left) 002 Deity (Right)

Eye Color G
001 Nugget (Top) 002 Gold Rush (Bottom Left) 003 Fortune (Bottom Right)

Lip Gloss S
001 Byzantine (Left) 002 Bullion (Center) 003 Lustre (Right)

Nail Enamel S
001 Golden Slumbers (Left) 002 Goldfinger (Center) 003 All That Glitters (Right)

Blotting Paper 2009


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Anonymous said...

i seem to skip this brand all the time for unexplained reason. there are many good products from P & J but i just keep walking past them.

i am at the point that i like to try more brands so maybe i should give this a go.

i think the N/P look very interesting this time.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jojoba,

I know.

Paul & Joe is definitely one of my favorite cosmetics brands. But I have only tried some of Paul & Joe's base makeup items. I have been meaning to try their blushers, lipsticks and nail polishes. There were many times I nearly bought them.

Do let me know what you think of their makeup items if you get to try them out. :) I would love to hear your thoughts!



ning * star said...

oh, this is really pretty. the nail polish pink is gorgeous. la la la... love them all

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi ning * star,

Thank you for your comment. I have been intrigued by the colors of Nail Enamel S, especially 001 Golden Slumbers and 002 Goldfinger. Unfortunately, I probably will skip them this time to stay within my monthly budget...

All the best,



hi I love your reviews and was wondering if by any chance ou might still have all that glitters nail polish and want to part with it ?? i thank you and hope to hear from you , have a pink rainbow day
georgia from ohio