Correction: Lady Dior Palettes

In my earlier post Lady Dior Palettes, I made a wrong assumption about Lady Dior palettes in 001 Parisienne Chic and 002 French Chic. Special thanks to PJ of A Touch of Blusher for helping me clarifying the colors of Lady Dior palettes.

From Left to Right: 001 Parisienne Chic, 002 French Chic and 003 French Chic

Lady Dior palette comes in three variations as part of Dior spring 2009 collection: 001 Parisienne Chic, 002 French Chic and 003 French Chic. It was my mistake for mentioning the version of 002 French Chic in the US is the version of 001 Parisienne Chic in Asia.

In fact, the three palettes have totally different colors. 001 is more peachy-toned. 002 is more beige and brown-toned. 003 is the cool pink version of Lady Dior. For the availability, 001 Parisienne Chic is a global release, while 002 and 003 are regional exclusives for different market areas. (
003 French Chic is an Asia exclusive).

Information Updated on March 10th, 2009

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Cris said...

Thanks for the post. I hope we get 003 here...It's the prettiest :).

Cris said...

OK, I've looked at the A Touch Of Blusher post and apparently 003's an Asia exclusive...Sorry for the dumb comment above XD.

leann said...

I want this chic!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Cris,

It is alright. Don't worry. In fact, I should have mentioned 003 French Chic is an Asia exclusive in this post. So, readers from non-Asian countries won't get confused if they consider to buy it.

Thanks a lot for your comment! I will update this post. :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Leann,

Thanks for your comment!Lady Dior palette is indeed beautiful!

I am not sure if you live in the US. Here is some good news for you if you still consider to buy this palette. The price of Lady Dior palette just dropped from $95 USD to $75 USD at Sephora and Nordstrom. :)