Lady Dior Palettes

Lady Dior Palette in 002 French Chic

I have received a few emails asking about the color differences among Lady Dior palettes from Dior spring 2009 collection. Some of you might be also confused because of the colors. In fact, Lady Dior palette comes in three variations. Not all of them are sold in each region.

Lady Dior Palette in 002 French Chic

In the US, Lady Dior palette is available in 001 Parisienne Chic (Sephora exclusive) and 002 French Chic. Overall, 001 Parisienne Chic is more peachy-toned, while 002 French Chic is more neutral-toned. For 002, the highlighter shade has a light gold undertone, and the cheek/lip color has a brown undertone. For 001, the highlighter shade is more peachy, and the cheek/lip color is coral-toned. (You can read
my post and A Touch of Blusher's review on 002 French Chic for detailed reviews).

On the other hand, 001 Parisienne Chic and 003 French Chic are available in Asia. 003 French Chic is an Asia exclusive featuring an off-white and light pink and 001 Parisienne Chic features beige and brown-toned colors. I guess the version of 001 Parisienne Chic available in Asia is actually the version of 002 French Chic sold in US. 001 Parisienne Chic has the same colors as the global release version.

I personally think the three versions of Lady Dior palette feature beautiful nude shades of pink, peachy and beige/brown. These colors are flattering on a range of skin tones. I wish 003 French Chic were available worldwide. The off-white highlighter and cool-toned pink shade look lovely for spring.

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Anonymous said...

i recently discovered sally hansen natural beauty and their natural highlighter duos. the prices was extra-affordable, so i bought both options, pink luster and gold luster. i use the lighter shade under my brow and on my cheekbones and the darker shade on my cheeks and lips. i think the product is new because it's not on their website, but i was thrilled to see that carmindy helped create the goodies!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Sally Hansen's highlighter duos.

After seeing your comment, I looked for the highlighter duos online and saw the close-ups and swatches on Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Pink Luster and Gold Luster are great wearable colors.I will check out the line and the highlighter duos when I shop at the drugstore next time. :)