ck Calvin Klein Beauty Spring 2009 Releases

For the spring, ck Calvin Klein Beauty introduces new shades of Delicious Pout lip glosses and Splendid Color nail polishes, and limited-edition Infinite Luster face palette. Infinite Luster contains five shades for cheeks and the face. Two of the five colors are yellow-toned, and the other three shades are pink-toned.

Infinite Luster (limited edition)

The new shades of Delicious Pout and one of the new colors of Splendid Color have been available at Sephora website. But I couldn't find Infinite Luster on Sephora's website or even on ck Calvin Klein Beauty's website at this point. It is such a pity that ck Calvin Klein Beauty's website has yet to update the detailed product information after a year of launch.

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Leann said...

I've never tried CK make up, is it good?

Anonymous said...

...that's great!!!
Really...each product is great...I tried them some months ago...and actually I use only them!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Leann,

I have only tried a few items from ck Calvin Klein Beauty, including Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow (in 121 Sensuous Taupe), Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick (in 123 Henna) and Summer Affair Bronzing Powder (in 302 Sun Dance). Also, I still use my Eye Shadow in 03 Taupe from old Calvin Klein cosmetics from time to time. (The old Calvin Klein makeup line was discontinued in 2003).

I am pleased with these purchases from the new line. The items I bought are of good quality in terms of pigment, texture, finish and packaging. Among them, I am most impressed with Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick. It has a silky smooth texture, and is quite moisturizing.

As much as I like the sleek black packaging design of the new Calvin Klein makeup line, I still prefer the old packaging style, which looked much more clean and edgy to me.

Do check out my post if you are interested in the reviews on Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow (in Sensuous Taupe) and Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick (in Henna).

A Touch of Blusher features a review on Subliminal Purity Mineral Based Loose Powder. Do head over to her post if you are interested in their loose powder.

I hope this information helps. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for sharing! I am happy that you enjoy using ck Calvin Klein Beauty's products!



TML <3 said...

beautiful colours! I didnt know ck had makeup!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello TML <3,

Thank you for stopping by!

Infinite Luster palette does look pretty. I hope ck Calvin Klein Beauty will be more available at local department stores or Sephora stores in the US. So I could get to see the colors and try out the products in person.