Lavshuca Jewel Lips Review

Lavshuca Jewel Lips

Among the Japanese drugstore brands, Lavshuca is my favorite one. I falll for its quality, affordability, and princessy packagings. One of the most adorable items in my Lavshuca collection is Jewel Lips (mini lipstick).

It was released as part of Lavshuca's spring 2007 makeup collection. I bought the one in PK-2 last spring simply because of the lovely packaging and the small size. I thought it would be a cute little lippie in my party clutch on a night out.
Lavshuca Jewel Lips

The packaging is in plum purple that looks very sophisticated. The bottom of the tube is slightly curvy. The surface of the cap has faceted diamond shapes in gradational shades of transparent plum. The cap features a round adornment embossed with the Lavshuca logo on the top. I love the princessy and vintage touches to the packaging!

Lavshuca Jewel Lips in PK-2

PK-2 is a rosy pink with shimmer. The pink shade is on the cool side. The shimmering bits are not too obvious, but they are more noticeable than I expected. PK-2 imparts a subtle pink with a hint of silver sheen. The color stays put well without migrating into lines around the lips. As the color starts to wear off, there are some shimmer particles left on my lips. This is not too bothering to me, though, as I can just wipe them off.

Lavshuca Jewel Lips in PK-2

The downside of this lipstick is its relatively dry texture. First, it is not so moisturizing to my lips as I have dry lips. It tends to dry my lips if I wear it without applying lip balm beforehand. Therefore, I usually prime my lips with lip balm before applying this lipstick. Second, I found it does not offer a good coverage to the fine lines due to the dry texture. I do hope the texture of Lavshuca Jewel Lips will be improved in the future.

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YM said...

hello. when i first tried this lipstick i also felt that it was drying, plus the shade i chose did not show up against my natural lip colour well (disappeared). anyhow, since discovering shiseido beneficiance lip treatment, it makes many lipstick colours more vibrant. after trying this again on top of the lip treatment, i find that it looked very nice, not a juicy shiny but a moist dewy shine and the colour actually showed up very well. my lips did not feel dry with the lip treatment underneath.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello YM,

Thanks a lot for sharing!

You brought up a good point. I did notice it does not really show up against my natural lip color if I apply a layer of this lipstick. However, it gives a more saturated and vibrant look if I apply two layers or more.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Shiseido Benefiance Lip Treatment. My lips are dry in all seasons. I will definitely check out this lip treatment when I go shopping at the mall next time.

Thanks so much once again!