Integrate Nail Polish RD381 and RD351

I bought some nail polishes from Integrate when I was on vacation in Taipei a while ago. As you might already know, Integrate is a low-end drugstore brand under Shiseido Company. Although its nail polishes retail for only ¥420 Japanese Yen(or USD $4.50) each, the bottle has merely 5 ml. It is a rather small size compared to OPI Nail Lacquer 15ml and retail at $8.50. Integrate Nail Polish costs nearly 1.5X more than OPI Nail Lacquer.

Integrate Nail Polish RD381 and RD351

Integrate nail polishes are specially developed for quick drying. They have two categories: One contains glitters, and the other one features pearlescent shimmer.

Integrate Nail Polish RD381 and RD351

I bought four nail polishes by Integrate, including RD351, RD381, RD701 and GD841. All of them feature subtle shimmer. I am going to share the first two shades in today's post. The review on the last two shades will be posted later.

RD381 is a pomegranate red with gold shimmer. The color is well-pigmented. RD351 is a mid-tone rosy pink with gold shimmer. The shimmer is finely-milled and very subtle.

Integrate Nail Polish RD381 and RD351


The texture of the nail polishes is rich and smooth, not too thick nor too watery. The brush is well designed. The bristles are soft and flexible. And they glide on smoothly. The application is even and strip-free. Moreover, I found these nail polishes dry decently fast.

Integrate Nail Polish RD351


These nail polishes show their best colors with at least two or three coats. The swatches are three coats of color without top coat, and were taken under natural light without flash. With three coasts, it gives a pigment-rich finish. The gold shimmer is hard to notice in a darker room. But it imparts a warm and soft pearl glimmer when it reflects with light.

Integrate Nail Polish RD381

Lasting Power

The only drawback of Integrate Nail Polish is its lasting power. The lasting power is weaker than most of the nail polishes I have tried. The nail polishes scratch and chip more easily compared with my other nail polishes. I hope Integrate could improve the formula to provide better protection against chipping and scratching since these nail colors look so elegant and sophisticated.

To sum up, Integrate offers a range of feminine and sophisticated nail colors that are appropiate for daytime and nighttime occasions. It is hard to go wrong with the colors.

I am very impressed with its bristle design. It offers a good ability to apply the color evenly and beautifully. The downside is its weak lasting power. My nail colors start to scratch after 2 to 3 days of wearing. But it is a minor problem for me. I usually remove my nail color(s) within 4 to 5 days anyway (except when I am reviewing nail colors).

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Anonymous said...

While on vacation, I purchased Integrate nail polish WT951 at one of the store in Japan. This nail polish do last longer compared to the ones I've been using. The only thing is, it's a very tiny bottle that can only be used maybe twice with two coats per use. Hope they will make bigger size in the future.