Noble Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection

Noble Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection

The other day, I posted a review on Coffret D'Or Sweet Dressy palette from its holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection. Today, I am going to share with you my thoughts on the other palette, Noble Dressy palette, in this collection.

Unlike the cool tones of lilac and purple-based Sweet Dressy palette, Noble Dressy palette is on the warm side. The case has a mirror-like finish just like Sweet Dressy palette. Only Noble Dressy palette features gold faux rhinestones as part of its embellishments on the case, while Sweet Dressy palette features pink ones.

Noble Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Party Makeup Collection

Do check out my earlier review here for more detailed descriptions of its packaging design. I am going to focus on the lip and eye colors of Noble Dressy palette in this review.

Eyeshadows from Noble Dressy Palette

Eye Colors

From the left, the palette features peachy nude beige with subtle shimmer, gold glitter, and deep charcoal brown with refined shimmer. All of them contain multi-colored shimmering particles. The texture of these eyeshadows is smooth and soft except the gold glitter shade.
  • The peachy nude beige shade is light-pigmented with subtle shimmering particles. It gives more of a subtle sheen/shimmer and sheer-color finish on my eyes.
  • The shimmering particles of the gold glitter shade are rather noticeable and chunky in the pan. But it warms up my skin, and adds a soft sparkle on my eyes.
  • The deep charcoal brown is medium-pigmented with a plum undertone. The shimmer doesn't really stand out, and imparts a muted finish.
Lips Colors from Noble Dressy Palette

Lip Colors

From the left, the palette features pink nude beige with refined shimmer, gold glitter, and warm rosy red with refined shimmer. Again, all the shades contain multi-colored shimmer. The shimmers are very subdued except the glitter shade. The lip colors are smooth and lightweight to the touch except the gold glitter has a sticky texture. They are quite moisturizing in texture.
  • The pink nude beige shade is fairly sheer. It goes on fleshed-toned beige. It is a lovely everyday color for me as it evens out my skin tone and imparts a "barely-there" nude finish.
  • As I mentioned in my previous review on Sweet Dressy palette, the shimmering particles of the lip highlighter shade are too chunky for my liking. I prefer to apply a little of it just to add dimension and shine on the center of my lips.
  • The mid-tone rosy red has a brown undertone. The texture is creamy. The shimmer is very refined. It gives a warm-toned and semi-matte finish.
Staying Power
The lip colors have fairly good lasting power. The eyeshadows stay on well all day without creasing.

I am happy with these two makeup palettes from Coffret D'Or holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection. The colors with light and medium pigments are soft in tone. The cool-toned Sweet Dressy palette gives a feminine look with soft touches of purples. But I prefer the warm-toned Noble Dressy palette over Sweet Dressy palette. It achieves a neutral smoky eyes look with soft accents and golden radiance. In fact, I found the colors of Boble Dressy palette are so wearable that can be used year-round for different occasions day or night.

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