Sweet Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection

Sweet Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection

Party Makeup Collection is the first holiday makeup collection since Coffret D'Or was launched last winter. There are two palettes in this limited-edition collection, with the Sweet Dressy palette features cool tones and the Noble Dressy palette features warm tones. Each palette consists of three eyeshadows and three lip colors in different textures. I have mentioned sevaral times that I was impressed with the Trance Deep Eyes palette, which was part of Coffret D'Or's fall 2008 releases. My interest in this brand has been growing since then. I decided to buy those two holiday palettes as part of my collection. Today, I am sharing my thoughts on the Sweet Dressy palette with you. The review on the Noble Dressy palette will come up later.

I like Coffret D'Or's clean, cute, and yet princessy packaging. The palette features a shiny mirror-like lid studded with faux jewel and jewel-like convex design. In addition to the three eye colors and three lip colors, there are a mirror, a dual-ended eyeshadow applicator and a lip brush in the case. The case is sturdy and securely-fitted. It is worth noting that there is a transparent plastic cover over the lip colors. Thanks to the thoughtful design, this cover prevents the eyeshadow powders and shimmering particles from spreading onto the lip colors.

Eye Colors from the Sweet Dressy Palette

Eye Colors
-Color & Texture
The Sweet Dressy palette contains three eye colors in lilac with iridescent multi-colored shimmer, silver glitter, and purple with subtle multi-colored shimmer. These eyeshadows are smooth to the touch (except the glitter shade). All the eye shadow powders don't fall off easily.


The lilac shade is light-pigmented. This blue-based lilac shade brightens up my eyes as a good color base without turning dull after hours.

The cool-toned purple col
or is medium-pigmented. It works great as a daytlime lining shade. It gives soft and delicate accents to the eyes without looking too strong at daytime. But I found it lacks a sense of depth and definition for night occasions.

The highlighting shade in the middle pan contains silver glitters. The glitters are too sparkling and noticeable for my liking. But for holiday occasions, a touch of sparkling shimmer just suits the mood and my festive outfits.

-Lasting Power
All the eyeshadows have good staying power; they last through out the day.

Lip Colors from the Sweet Dressy Palette

Lip Colors

The three lip colors features rosy pink with fine shimmer, silvery glitter gloss, and berry red with fine shimmer. The pink and red colors are smooth and moisturizing, while the glitter gloss has a dense and sticky texture. The rosy pink and berry red shades feature a sheer pigmentation. The berry red shade is slightly more pigmented than the rosy pink shade. They imparts a sheerer finish than what they look like in the pans. With just a few layers of each separately on my lips, I found the color difference is not quite noticeable.

Sweet Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection


I am more impressed with the eyeshadows than lip color
s. For holiday makeup, I prefer lip colors with medium to full pigments.

The eyeshadows work together beautifully on my eyes. The lilac shade, purple color along with a touch of silver glitter imparts a soft and feminine finish, which is quite appropriate for daytime. To make a little more dramatic eye statement at night, I prefer to apply a black or deep brown eyeliner at lash lines before lining the purple shade.

For a middle-priced holiday release, this Party Makeup Collection retails at 4,200 Japan Yen (about USD$45, but I got it for USD$33 when I was in Taipei). Overall, I am pleased with the Sweet Dressy palette. The packaging is cute and sturdy, and the colors are wearable, making this makeup palette a practical one.

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Anonymous said...

how are the pigmentation other than colours? are the shadows strong enough to really show through as they look very sheer and similar in tones. doesn't look it's something for me as all three colours are nearly white... thanks

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jojoba,

Thank you very much for visiting!

Overall, this makeup palette offers light-to-medium toned eye and lip colors with sheer-to-medium pigments.

For the eye colors, the lilac color is light and pastel with sheer pigment. And the purple shade is medium-pigmented. The silver glitter shade has lots of tiny pieces of silver glitter to create sparkles.

(For the lip colors, they are also on the sheer side. They provide a sheer finish.)

I quite like the color combination of the eyeshadows. It gives a very soft, feminine look at daytime. The medium-pigmented purple shade is a great lining shade for daytime. But for partying or night occasions, this makeup palette lacks color(s) with much more intense pigmentation to create depth and definition to eyes.

I personally think Coffret D'Or's holiday 2008 palettes are more for people who like lighter colors for makeup.

Thanks a lot for commenting! Hope to hear from you again!