Coffret D'Or Holiday 2008 Release

Commercial Image of Coffret D'Or 2008 Party Makeup Collection

Exciting news about Coffret D'Or holiday 2008 release! It has been reported that Coffret D'Or will release its holiday 2008 makeup collection on November 16th, 2008 in Japan.

Sweet Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or 2008 Party Makeup Collection

The upcoming Party Makeup Collection includes two makeup palettes. The Sweet Dressy palette features lilac, silver and purple eye shadows, and the Noble Dressy palette features gold, beige and gray eye colors. Each palette features three shimmery eye shadows (a base color, a highlighting color and a deep shade) and three lip colors (a sheer glossy color,a shimmery gloss and a pigmented shade) in a sleek mirror-like case adorned with faux jewelry.

Noble Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or 2008 Party Makeup Collection

The makeup colors are probably to
o sparkling or shimmery for my liking. But the palettes do come in very cute packaging! After seeing the swatches and close-up images of the Sweet Dressy palette at this Taiwanese blog, I am adding it on my Christmas wish list.

I will update this post when I have more product images and official information on this collection.

Product images updated on November 6th, 2008

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