Fasio Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Gradation Deep Eyes from Fasio Spring 2009 Collection

One of the recent makeup collections that has caught my attention is Fasio spring '09 collection. The drugstore brand (under Kosé Corporation) comes up with a new range of Gradation Deep Eyes palette. It consists of eight eyeshadow palettes available in browns, pinks, purples, blues, greens and grays.

Gradation Mix Face Color from Fasio Spring 2009 Collection

This collection also features a new range of blusher called Gradation Mix Face Color. Gradation Mix Face Color features three gradational cheek colors, and is available in four variations. I especially like the orange-toned OR220 and the translucent-toned SP120. SP120 seems to offer a highlighting and illuminating effect as it features sheer, translucent shades in off-white and light purple.

The rest of the collection includes:

Hyper-stay Mascara Deep Trick (Curl Long)

Hyper-stay Mascara Deep Trick (Curl Volume)

Mascara Base

Mascara Remover

[Photo credit: www.kose.co.jp/jp/ja/products/brand/fasio/sp/]

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Anonymous said...

i never knew fasio has "collections"! LOL. very strange and very kate like. i gotta pay more attention to it the next time.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jojoba,

I agree with you. The packagings of the eyeshadow palettes and cheek color trios are quite similar to Kate.

Gradation Mix Face Color looks pretty! I am still debating with my self whether to buy the Gradation Mix Face Color palette(s) or MaquillageFace Creator 3D from Maquillage spring 2009 collection :)

Have a great weekend!