Coffret D'Or Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Promo Image of Coffret D'Or Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Coffret D'Or will release its spring 2009 makeup collection on December 16th in Japan. This collection focuses on eye and lip makeup. It features:

Shine Accent Eyes: in orange, pink, green, purple and beige variations

Beauty Effect Mascara: in 2 shades

Full Keep Gel Liner: in 3 shades

Essence Lip Base

Shine Drape Rouge Color: in 8 shades

Shine Drape Rouge Glow: in 8 shades

Lip Make Liner: in 6 shades (Lip Make Liner Holder is sold deperately)

Shiny Carat Gloss: in 3 new shades

Color Blush: in 1 new shade

The new eyeshadow range, Shine Accent Eyes, seems to provide a sheer and pastel gradation of colors. As much as I prefer eyeshadows with more color accents, I quite like the light and airy looks demonstated by the spokeswomen!

I have been very impressed with the Trance Deep Eyes palette in khaki green variation (as part of the brand's fall 2008 releases). Also, I have been using the Sweet Dressy Palette from Coffret D'Or holiday 2008 Party Makeup Collection with great experiences. The Shine Accent Eyes palette is already on my shopping list. :)

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The Q said...

The Shine Accent Eyes compact look gorgeous. I love "peacock" inspired eyeshadow combinations. I think they look great on women with all skin tones and are totally dramatic.

Here's a video I found that demonstrates applying these vibrant colors:

You don't have to be scared of using these bright colors. They are a lot easier to wear than you think!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi The Q,

Thank you for posting your comment!

I do like these light shades from the Shine Accent Eyes palettes. They have a light vibrant feel!

I can't believe this spring 2009 collection from Coffret D'Or is coming out in a week or so in Japan. I am interested to check out these eyeshadows.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing the video! :)



Kimberly Tia said...

wow... how GORGEOUS is EVERYTHING from the Coffret D'Or -- I keep seeing more and more of their product line pop up on random blogs and I must say it really wants me to get some to play in for myself.

and how great these palettes are for the upcoming holidays and parties!

thanks for sharing!! i need to follow your blog more often.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Kimberly Tia,

I am glad that you enjoy reading the related posts about Coffret D'Or.

I am a fan of Coffret D'Or. I love this brand's princessy packaging style and good quality cosmetics.

Let me know what you think if you get to try out its products. :)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! :) I hope to hear from you again!



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