Update on Lunasol Spring 2009 Collection

Promo Image of Lunasol Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

I have just updated my post about Lunasol's spring 2009 makeup collection to include more promo images. Themed with Floral Purification, this collection is inspired by the energy and beauty of blooming cherry blossoms, magnolia, wisteria, azalea and plum in spring.

Other than Dior's spring '09 collection, Lunasol's upcoming spring collection is the one I have been paying close attention. I am in love with these floral-themed eyeshadow palettes and lip colors. They look so refined and elegant!

I am really intrigued by the eyeshadow palettes in #02 White Gradation, #03 Purple Gradation, and #05 Orange Gradation.
Since this collection will be available in Japan on January 16th, 2009, I guess I still have time to decide.

[Photo credit:www.urcosme.com]

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