Shu Uemura Spring 2009 Collection: 128th Mode Makeup "Mirage"

Commercial Image of Shu Uemura Spring 2009 "Mirage" Mode Makeup

Shu Uemura will release its 128th mode makeup collection, Mirage, for spring 2009 on January 23th, 2009 in Japan. Inspired by the masterpieces of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet, the Mirage collection is based with soft pastels and vibrant brights such as light blue, sheer lavender, pale green, pastel yellow, baby pink, and soft slate grey, etc to convey a soft contour of light and shadow.

Commercial Image of Shu Uemura Spring 2009 "Mirage" Mode Makeup

For base makeup, I am delighted to see Shu Uemura will come up with UV Under Base UV Mousse Shimmer, which is a new version of to its signature product, UV Under Base.

UV Under Base UV Mousse Shimmer

The UV Under Base (with sun protection) is a foundation primer in weightless mousse texture that helps to smooth, even out skintone, and prepare the face for makeup.
According to the press release, the UV Under Base Mousse Shimmer contains subtle shimmer for a more natural-looking shimmering effect.

Shu Uemura's spring 2009 collection includes:
Eye Shadow Palette: in 2 variations (limited-edition)

Drawing Pencil (for eyes): in
3 shades (limited-edition)
Defining Cheek Palette: in 2 variations (limited-edition)

Lip Duo Tint & Gloss: in 1 set (limited-edition)

Mini Nail Trio: in 2 sets (limited-edition)

False Eyelash: in 2 sets

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kkbonGo is a Keeper said...

Ooooh I'm loving the look of that duo tint/gloss. I might have to get that for sure.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi kkbonGo is a Keeper,

Thank you for stopping by!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Lip Duo Tint & Gloss if you get to try it. :)

Hope you have a great holiday!



Anonymous said...

How can I find a make up artist to give me an update with Shu Uemura products in San Francisco Bay Area?
Anyone know one?

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with San Francisco Bay Area. I am hoping that readers who are familiar with Shu Uemura boutique/counters in this area can provide you with the information.

You probably can also try to contact Shu Uemura's Customer Service by phone, and see if they can find out the information for you.

( )

Mon - Fri
9AM to 6PM ET

I am sorry that I can't be more helpful. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,