Coffret D'Or Trance Deep Eyes Palette

Coffret D'Or Trance Deep Eyes

Coffret D'Or was first introduced in winter 2007 to replace Kanebo's T'estimo and Revue. At that time, I was waiting for the launch with great anticipation. But I was sad for the discontinuation
of T'estimo at the same time. I don't have many makeup items from T'estimo. But, personally, I really like its makeup colors and quality.

Like Shishedo's Maquillage, Coffret D'Or features five Japanese spokeswomen for advertisement campaigns and images. The brand targets women in their 20s to 30s, and the pricing is set at mid-price range. The packaging is a gem! The packaging design of Coffret D'Or products is girly and princessy. The exterior of the lid has a mirror-like finish, and is encrusted with a faux jeweled cross in pink. The embellishments lend a luxurious and romantic touch!

Coffret D'Or Trance Deep Eyes

As a relatively new brand, the line-up of this makeup line features only makeup products at this point. Ever since it was out on the market last winter, it certainly has strategized successful commercial campaigns, and has earned good reviews on its products. I look forward to seeing Coffret D'Or expand its product range.

Trance Deep Eyes #03 Khaki Green

For fall 2008, Coffret D'Or released a new range for the eyes called Trance Deep Eyes. The palette is available in five color variations: #01 Rose, #02 Blue, #03 Khaki Green, #04 Grey, and #05 Beige. I picked up my first product from Coffret D'Or, Trance Deep Eyes in Khaki Green.


Close-up of Trance Deep Eyes #03 Khaki Green
  • A (base shade): light champagne gold with glistening shimmer
  • B (shading color): medium-toned green with subtle shimmer
  • C (lining shade): deep khaki green with fine shimmer
  • D (highlighting color): pale golden beige with glitters
All the shades are on the warm side. According to the product description, the colors contain four different variations of pearl shimmer. Shade A and D have more of intense shimmer, while Shade B and C have delicate shimmer. Shade A is a base shade that contains glistening shimmer. The brand claims the shimmer of Shade A has a patented technology to produce a highly-saturated radiance and a long-lasting translucent effect without overwhelming the finish or causing the look of puffy eyes after multiple applications.

Close-up of Trance Deep Eyes #03 Khaki Green


All the eye shadows have a smooth texture. The eye shadow powders don't fall out easily as I pick up the colors with the applicators.

The variations of light and deep colors are excellent to provide dimension and definition to the eyes. The base color of Shade A brings out the clarity of skin nicely. But it fails to prove that the shimmer does not overpower the finish with multiple applications as what the brand claims. However, compared to other light shimmery colors I have used, Shade A (light champagne gold) does brighten my eyes without looking too puffy.

The highlighting color of Shade D accentuates the inner V corner of eyes with sparkles nicely. But, I found the shimmer of Shade A and Shade D can create an overly bright or sparkling finish if I apply too much.

Close-up of Trance Deep Eyes #03 Khaki Green

The palette comes in two applicators. The applicator is double-ended with one side of a synthetic brush and the other side of a sponge. Both of them are easy to apply, and have good quality.

Staying Power
All the colors have a very good staying power. They stay put very well throughout the day.

Close-up of Trance Deep Eyes #03 Khaki Green


The medium and deep green shades of this palette give depth and definition softly to the eyes. The light champagne gold and golden beige tend to create an overly bright or sparkly finish if over applied. However, with appropriate amount, they deliver a soft shimmery result, which is a flattering look for me in the summer. I am very happy with my first eye shadow palette from Coffret D'Or. I look forward to trying more eye shadow palettes from Coffret D'Or in the future.

Let me invite you to A Touch of Blusher's reviews on Coffret D'Or Trance Deep Eyes in
# 01 rose and # 04 grey variations.

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great review!!!!!!

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PJ said...

Hi BA,

Thank you very much for the links! I will put up a post to link to this review shortly.

I am looking forward to your YSL palette review. I am hoping to see the range in the UK very soon.

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Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Muse,

Thanks a lot for liking this review.

I am looking forward to reading your reviews on Japanese fall makeup collections. :)



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Dear PJ,

You are welcome. I really like your reviews on the rose and grey variations. :) I thought it is good to introduce the different color variations of the palette to the readers.

I also want to thank you for linking your post to my review. Thanks so much. :)

The YSL palette in blue variation is nice. But I am still trying out the shades. Do let me know if you get your hands on any eyeshadow palette from YSL fall collection.

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