Shu Uemura Fall 2008: Instinct Fall Mode Makeup

Promotional Image of Shu Uemura Fall 2008 Makeup Collection

I have been following news about Shu Uemura fall 2008 collection. The long-awaited Shu Uemura fall 2008 collection is supposedly to be released on August 1st, 2008 in Japan. But, it is already available on their US website. On Shu Uemura's Japanese official website, there are no updates on this fall collection yet. However, some beauty websites from Japan and Taiwan reported a slightly different line-up of the collection than the one shown on Shu Uemura's US official website. The main discrepancies are limited-edition Twilight Resonance false eyelashes available in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, and limited-edition Vinyl Unlimited lip glosses and Cream Eye Shadows available in Japan. I have a feeling that these items are limited to the Asia markets. I will keep you updated as I have more detailed information.

The US version of Shu Uemura fall 2008 collection includes:
Duo Eye Shadow (limited edition): 3 variations
violets, green/goldish bronze and green black/brownish bronze

Glow On (limited edition): 3 shades (reddish pink, warm pink and pale pink)
Luring Powder (limited edition)

Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine: 2 new shades (red and beige brown)

Nail Enamel Supplement Mineral: dark wine shade with silver and gold glitters

The Instinct Fall Mode Makeup Collection focuses on smoky eye makeup, while the cheek and lip colors are kept with soft natural tones. The smoky eye look presented by the model in the promotional image is edgy, yet subtle and refined. The smoky blacks and iridescent copper bronzes of eye makeup really appeal to me. I am looking forward to trying the collection, especially the Duo Eye Shadows.

Updated on Aug 1st, 2008:
The Japanese website of Shu Uemura has been updated with its fall 2008 makeup collection.
The Japanese version of Fall Mode Makeup 2008 differs from the American version. It includes:
  • Cream Eye Shadow (limited-edition):3 shades
  • Pressed Eye Shadow: 3 new shades
  • Twilight Resonancefalse eyelashes (limited-edition)
  • Luring Powder (limited-edition)
  • Glow On (limited edition): 2 shades
  • Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine (limited-edition): 2 new shades
  • Vinyl Unlimited (limited-edition): 3 shades
  • Nail Enamel Supplement Mineral: 2 new shades & 1 limited-edition release


Anonymous said...

I really like the eyeshadow duo, such pretty colors.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Geekybeauty,

I like the Duo Eye Shadows too! The duo in Mystifier (green black and brownish bronze)really appeals to me. I am still debating myself whether to buy this duo. :)

Thank you for stopping by and posting the comment!