Jill Stuart Spring 2009 Makeup Collection: Blossoming Pink

Promo Image of Jill Stuart Spring 2009 Makeup Collection

Here is the look of the upcoming spring 2009 makeup collection from Jill Stuart. Themed with "Blossoming Pink", this collection is full of subtle light shades such as pinky, rosy, peachy and lilac colors.

Illuminance Eyes:#06 Blossoming Shine
Seductive Eyes:#06 Blossoming Shine

Jelly Eye Color: #22 Platinum Gold & #23 Shiny Onyx

Mix Blush Compact: #07 Lovely Tulip & #08 Romantic Poppy

Jelly Lip Gloss: 12 shades (two shades are limited editions)

Nail Lacquer N: 5 shades (two shades are limited editions)

Jill Stuart will release this spring collection on Janurary 15th, 2009 in Taiwan. It will be available in Japan on January 23th, 2009.

[Photo credit:www.iswii.net, www.urcosme.com]

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Online Shopping Chick said...

Very pretty. While I'm not always a big fan of pastel pinks in makeup these are pretty for those with the right complexion to carry it off. It's also hard to believe we're seeing the Spring 2009 collection already. ;)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Online Shopping Chick,

Thank you for stopping by!

I am with you. I can't believe the spring 2009 makeup collections are going to be available starting the mid December. (Time flies so fast).

Like the past pink-based collections, Jill Stuart's spring '09 pink and lilac-based collection still looks very pretty. But I look forward to seeing different color themes from Jill Stuart.

Thank you so much for your comment!
Hope you have a great weekend!



Trisha said...

Well, it looks like light, barely there colors are in now. That's totally not me right now, although those pallets DO look nice.

Still, I prefer the bright, bold colors.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Trisha,

Thank you for visiting!

It seems to me that most spring makeup collections usually feature lighter colors with sheer-medium pigment. Especially for Japanese brands, they usually focus on sheer, barely-there colors for spring makeup.

The eyeshadow palettes from Jill Stuart spring 2009 collection looks pretty. But again, I am hoping that Jill Stuart will come up with eyeshadow palettes in different color combinations other than pink and lilac-based shades.

Thank you very much for your comment! Hope you have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

i would like to ask who is this model? she is so pretty.
and what is the color being put on her lips? it attracts me.
i really want to buy this lip gloss.
many thanks to the one who is gonna answer my questions (if any). :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by!

I am very sorry that I don't have the information about the model in the Jill Stuart's spring '09 ad campaign. I am so sorry about it.

As for the lip color being applied on her lips, the color is Jelly Lip Gloss #04 Baby Petal. I hope this information helps.



ggoodrich said...

I am indeed grateful that you've shared this blossoming pink makeup collection. You've just gave me an idea on what will fit a lady wearing a pink dress; paired with a man wearing pink vest under men tuxedos. Thanks a lot!

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