Update on MAC Hello Kitty Collection

Not long ago, I've mentioned about the possible MAC Hello Kitty collection in an earlier post. This is an update on this limited-edition collection. It has been confirmed (yay!) that the MAC & Hello Kitty collaboration will be released in February, 2009. It is great news for MAC devotees and Hello Kitty fans!

According to
Specktra, there will be a couture inspired, jewel laden compact housing a mystery powder and featuring Hello Kitty. I do not have the information on the rest of this collection. If you have heard any rumors about this collection, please feel free to keep me posted :-D

MAC Hello Kitty Collection

Updated on December 21th, 2009:

According to
WWD, the limited-edition Hello Kitty collection will be launched at MAC's website on February 10th, 2009, and will be available at North American stores on February 12th. For all the overseas coveted fans, this collection is set to be released worldwide in March 2009. However, a waiting list for this highly-raved collection will be available at MAC's website on January 7th, 2009 .

The Hello Kitty collection collaborated between MAC Cosmetics and
Sanrio features Hello Kitty Colour Collection and Hello Kitty Kouture.

The Hello Kitty Colour Collection includes:

  • Lipstick: in 6 shades
  • Lipglass: in 6 shades
  • Tinted Lip Conditioner: in 2 shades
  • Eye Shadow quad: in 2 variations (with one features violet blue, brown, gold and pink-coral shades and the other one features mint, blue-silver, pale pink and magenta shades)
  • Pigment (loose color powder): in 2 shades
  • Reflects Glitter: in 2 shades
  • Glitter Eye Liner: in 4 shades
  • Plush Lash mascara: in 1 shade
  • false eyelash
  • Beauty Powder: in 2 shades
  • Beauty Powder Blush: in 2 shades
  • Nail Lacquer: in 3 shades
The Hello Kitty Kouture includes:
  • Dazzleglass: in 2 shades
  • Sheer Mystery Powder: in 3 shades
There will also be some beauty accessories in this collection, including:
  • petite Makeup Bag and medium Makeup Bag
  • plush doll, purse mirror and brush collection (available only at MAC stores, Nordstrom and maccosmetics.com)
  • mirrored key clip and beaded bracelet (available only at MAC stores and at maccosmetics.com)
  • tote and a soft vanity kit (exclusive to maccosmetics.com)
I had high hopes of MAC's Hello Kitty collection after learning the news of this upcoming collaboration between MAC Cosmetics and Sanrio. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I saw the promo images of this collection. Although the pink-based makeup colors are spring-like and youthful, the packaging just looks less appealing than what I expected. It seems to lack of a breathtaking "kawaii" vibe that the famed Hello Kitty enticed its fans. But I still would like to wait and see what the collection look like in person to make my final judgement.

[Resource: WWD]

Updated on January 7th, 2009:
Do check out my post here for pictures of full MAC Hello Kitty Collection :)

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Anonymous said...

i can't stand hellokitty! i just can't. i don't get the hype of it and now MAC is contributing to the crime. LOL

but i'd be very interested in checking out this collection as i have a feeling it will have lots of pink. All girls should like pink. :P

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Jojoba,

Thank you very much for visiting!

Hello Kitty was one of my good friends when I was little. :) Like you, I definitely would be very interested in checking out the makeup colors and packaging of this collection.

Do let me know if you get to try out this collection. :)



Georgia said...

weeee I'm so jazzed for this. Its going to be totally adorable!

diana said...

I was such a fan of hello kitty when I was younger. I pretty much owned anything hello kitty. MAC is my fav cosmetic line and I'm excited for this new collection to come out next year.

MissRachelRiot said...

I have a Hello Kitty tattoo AND I'm a MAC devotee...This is a must for me :) So exciting!!!

Stargirl said...

BAH! I LURVE Hello Kitty! I'm stoked! Luckily, it should come out just in time for my beau to buy my a birthday prezzie! Yay! I don't own any full size MAC products, just samples, so it would be my first.

Anonymous said...

I had heard this rumor!

OMG SQUEEEE! I might die!

I am the biggest HK fan *ever*- she is my girl!!!

I have been a lifelong fan- HK is not much younger than I am. I am going to start saving up now~!!

yummy411 said...

ooh so exciting and i'm not even really a big hello kitty fan..

Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed at wwd.com. I will be first on line at MAC on February 12th.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello all,

Thank you all for posting your comments on the MAC Hello Kitty collection.

Like you, I am thrilled with this collection , and definitely look forward to seeing what is in this collection.

I am still on vacation in Asia with limited internet access. I am sorry that I am slow on replying your messages. I will reply to your comments as soon as possible.

dedra said...

please go to specktra.net agin :) they updated info on this line ,and im going to buy every item haha okay maby not but i will buy most of it .

Suez said...

Well I personally dont wear make up. But this new Hello Kitty line just might give me a push to start!! I love Hello Kitty and can't wait!!!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Have you guys grabbed anything from MAC Hello Kitty Collection, which was launched in the US last week?

Hope you enjoy the items and colors! I would love to hear your thoughts on this collection.



Allix Geneslaw said...

I love Hello Kitty! I'm so excited to scope this line out, especially because MAC just came to my Macy's. Read more about the creepiness of the line here: http://pop.ology.com/2009/02/26/hello-kitty-inspires-weirdness/

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Allix Geneslaw,

Thanks a lot for passing along the link.

I am glad the collection has arrived at your Macy's. I hope you enjoy it! :)



Team TGR - Boss said...

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weeee I'm so jazzed for this. Its going to be totally adorable!

BulMa said...

Althought i dont like kitty very much but cant deny it very cute:)

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men tuxedos said...

This collection will make me insane with hello kitty again! I love hello kitty since I was a kid, so there's no possibility that I wouldn't want to try this collection, however there are some circumstances to look out this time.

Anonymous said...

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