Paul & Joe Disney Collection Available in the US

Paul & Joe Disney Collection

Remember Paul & Joe's Disney Collection I mentioned in a previous post earlier this year? This limited-edition collection first came out as part of Paul & Joe's spring 2008 releases in Japan, and is now being launched in Europe. Due to overwhelming demand and popularity, the Disney Collection is arriving in the US. It has been available at the Paul & Joe counter at Bergdorf Goodman since November! You may also find it at online retailers such as The Beauty Closet, Primping Parleur and Beauty habit.

The Disney Collection includes:
  • Face Color B: in pink and orange tones
  • Milky Lip Treatment: features a light pink tint
  • Protective Hand Cream: with SPF15 PA+, scentd with orange flower

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Critty said...

Oooo, I so want this collection, but alas, it is not available in Canada. Sigh,

Anonymous said...

i love this collection. Have you try it yet? I love your blog, keep up your good work.

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Critty,

Thank you for visiting!

I am sorry to hear that it is not available in your area. Do check out Paul & Joe's English website. Go to "Shop Info" then. It has a list of Paul & Joe counters and retail stores around the world. Some online retailers actually offer international shipping. :)



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you very much for liking my blog.

The Disney Collection is indeed cute and adorable. Unfortunately, I haven't tried the items in this collection. I hope I could provide a review on this collection.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Best wishes,


PrimpingParleur said...

Dear BA.

Thanks for adding our shop to the list of online retailers! Would love to chat sometime...share beauty buzz...

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Primping Parleur,

Sure! You are welcome.

I was just sharing the shop information I knew to the readers.

Thank you very much for visiting!