Lavshuca Holiday 2008 Antique Collection

Lavshuca Holiday 2008 Antique Collection

Lavshuca is one of the brands that I am highly anticipating its holiday releases. I mentioned the Stick Eyeshadows as part of Lavshuca's holiday 2008 collection in an earlier post. In addition to the Stick Eyeshadows, Lavshuca will launch a limited-edition release, Antique Collection, on November 1st in Japan.

The Antique Collection includes an eyeshadow duo and a Liquid Rouge lip gloss in an antique style box. This collection is available in two sets: #1 Antique Sepia and #2 Antique Monochrome. #1 Antique Sepia features an eyeshadow duo in brown and beige, and a Liquid Rouge gloss in beige. #2 Antique Monochrome features an eyeshadow duo in deep gray and grayish white, and a Liquid Rouge gloss in pink.

I think the colors lack a festive and vibrant feel for the holiday season. Lavshuca seems to have continued the themes of neutral-toned colors since last Christmas collection. I hope they will come up with more vibrant yet subtle colors in the near future.


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Anonymous said...

looks inspired by a matchbox

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Honestly, I am disappointed by Lavshuca holiday 2008 Antique Collection. The packaging design and makeup colors seem to be less festive than previous Christmas collections.

I still look forward to seeing Lavshuca sping 2009 collection:)

Thank you for visiting and posting the comment!