New Colors of DiorKiss Lip Gloss

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DiorKiss is one of the classic lip gloss lines from Dior make-up.
On June 6th,2008, additional eight new shades will be launched to expand the family of DiorKiss in Japan. The new shades look soft and feminine.The packaging of DiorKiss from the advertisement photo looks a little different from the existing DiorKiss line. It looks like the new lip glosses are packaged in transparent tubes. The current DiorKiss line is packaged in a silver-capped clear tube, and the bottom is hued with silver.

DiorKiss has gained good reviews for its nice lip-plumping effect, glamorous shimmer, great pigmentation, and long lasting quality. It has a sheer, transparent consistency. Each shade is scented with a tasty flavor, such as peach, grapefruit, ...etc. The formula of "Wonder Booster Complex" helps add a volumizing effect. The lip glosses feature an intense level of light-catching sparkles.

Loyal fans love its non-sticky texture. On the other hand, some people still think it is too sticky. While fans enjoy the lovely scent(s) of DiorKiss, some people still find the smell to be overwhelming in a way. But I think it is a matter of personal experience for its texture and confectionery flavors.

I am still not sure if the new shades of DiorKiss will be launched in the US or other countries. I will update this post if I hear more information.

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Updated on May 6th, 2008:
Special thanks to an anonymous reader for detailed information about the new DiorKiss. The new DiorKiss collection is called DiorKiss Luscious Lip-plumping Gloss. It has a new improved formula to create a lip-plumping effect. This reader of mine also mentioned the new DiorKiss will replace the existing DiorKiss line. The old collection is available while supplies last. The new line will be launched worldwide in coming months. The Sephora website now features the new DiorKiss collection, but it is not yet available. You can have a sneak peek of the line-up!


Anonymous said...

Actually, it is new improved formula of DiorKiss which would be launched worldwide in upcoming months. The existing range is going to be discontinued.
There would also the whole new palette of shades available with such names as Pineapple, Mango Soda, Tangerine, Iced Latte, Sirop Abricot, or Choco Frappe.
Great blog, love it!

Kayra said...

I have a Diorkiss and the bottle shape in this photo is not just same, mine is in a tube.Are they just for Japan?Will the colors came in other Dior-selling places?

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for liking my blog! I also want to thank you for informing me of detailed information of the new DiorKiss. I will give an update on this post.

Do keep me posted if you have more information about when and where the new DiorKiss will be launched. :) :)

I am excited about the new line of DiorKiss. The new packaging is slightly different from the current one, but it looks cute!

Hope to hear from you again!
Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Best wishes,


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello Kayra,

Thanks a lot for commenting! :)

I do notice the packaging designs between the new lip glosses and the current ones are different. (I kind of like the new packaging style.)

I wasn't sure when and where these lip glosses will be launched. The comment above yours, posted by one of my readers, mentioned the existing range is about to be discontinued. The new DiorKiss will be launched worldwide in upcoming months. So we probably have to wait a little while to see the line-up up close and personal.

I definitely will update this post when I have more information.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

You're welcome, BA- my pleasure!
The line would be launched worldwide in May-June while
the current range is going to be offered until supplies last only, so better stock up if you have favourite shade.
New ones could easily replace old colours though.

Actually, all new shades of improved DiorKisses just showed up on the Sephora US website (Dior brand, Lip and Smile categories)- but it looks more like a sneak-peak/error for now, cause all of them are "temporarily out of stock".
Check them out and perhaps update your post again- as I don't want to give direct link here.

The other new Dior item is "Escale a Portofino" fragrance, but it's going to be very limited edition inspired by classic eau de cologne.

All the best in a new week! There's so sunny day here!

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing the updated information of DiorKiss and "Escale a Portofino" fragrance! I really appreciate it! :)

I just checked out the Sephora website. The new line showed up at the website. This is gonna be an exciting news for fans of Dior or lip gloss lovers. Yes, I noticed it is temporarily out of stock at Sephora. We just only have to wait a little while. :)

Thank you so much for keeping me updated! I will put up an update on this post! I wish you all the best in a new week as well!