Calvin Klein Cosmetics is Coming Back Soon

My special thanks to PJ from A Touch of Blusher. Her previous article "Bring It Back!! Calvin Klein Cosmetics " had reminded me of Calvin Klein Cosmetics back in college. I was a huge fan of Calvin Klein fashion design at that time. Looking at its timeless and modern fashion style every season couldn't be more enjoyable. When I first saw the Calvin Klein makeup and skincare ads break in magazines, I adored the transparent cases of eye shadows and immediately planned to check it out in a department store. I remember the Calvin Klein Cosmetics counter was very close to the Shu Uemura counter in that department store. It is kind of interesting because both feature the similar taste of minimalism beauty.

Caivin Klein has extended the simplicity of beauty from high fashion to the cosmetics world. I liked the overall counter desin, which was simple and modern with pure white as the theme color. The packaging and display looked simple, clean yet fashion-forward. At my first glimpse of the eye shadows, nothing probably stood out. After spending more time on them, I found the eye colors line was a classic series. They were neutral, classic and dainty. The texture was silky. I bought the eye shadow in 03 Taupe. It goes on light. Sadly to say, this is the only Calvin Klein product I have. However, as years go by, I find 03 Taupe is still one of my favorite eye shadows. It is understated and elegant! Since the cosmetics line discontinued in 2003, I have had to treasure it by tapping little tiny amount every time I use it just in case one day it will run out.

Recently, a few news announcements revealed that we are for sure will see Calvin Klein cosmetics hitting the shelves again. The new cosmetics line is named ck Calvin Klein Beauty. The company has signed makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo to work with production innovation and trend forecasting. ck Calvin Klein Beauty arrived in Italy and Asia last month and will appear in the US in the near future. I am excited about this beauty line coming back alive!

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