The US Launch of ck Calvin Klein Beauty Line

[Photo credit: Fashion Wire Daily]

According to Fashion Wire Daily, the new beauty line of Calvin Klein will be launched at Sephora nationwide in US by January 2008. The new beauty collection with over 200 new products for Spring '08 are inspired from the fashion runway collection and the way the colors are applied for Calvin Klein collections. The average price is $20 per item. I am looking forwarding to it and will keep you updated when I have more information.

Updated on Jan, 08, 2008:
Check out A Touch of Blusher for the UK Launch of ck Calvin Klein Beauty!

Updated on Feb, 19, 2008:
ck Calvin Klein Beauty will launch in UK in March, 2008. A Touch of Blusher has updated information of the UK launch!


BeautyTalk said...

I am definitely looking forward to this! Any idea who the makeup artists behind the looks are?

nilla cookie said...

The collection looks beautiful! I'm going to try and look for these in Neiman's or Bloomie's. Do you know if they're available in those stores?


Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, BeautyTalk,

As far as I know, Mark Carrasquillo is the global makeup artist of the ck Calvin Klein Beauty line.

And Kevin Carrigan is the creative director of ck Calvin Klein beauty.

I have been a fan of Calvin Klein cosmetics since it once showed up on the market years ago. Absolutely looking forward to the comeback!

If you don't mind, let me know how you feel about their new beauty line if you grab any products by any chance.

Thank you for stopping by!



Beauty Anonymous said...

Hello, Lilan,

Thanks for your comment!
I agress with you. The collection looks beautiful.

I am not sure if Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdare's are going to carry Calvin Klein cosmetics in the future. However, according to Fashion Wire Daily,ck Calvin Klein Beauty is currently available in select Macy's and Dillard's stores in the US, and will launch nationwide at Sephora in Jan, 2008.

I could not verify which Macy's and Dillard's stores carry the new beauty line at this point.

I will let you know if I have more updated info.Are you planning to grab something from ck Calvin Klein Beauty?



nilla cookie said...

Hi BA,

I think I can wait until it hits Sephora in January. I haven't seen it at any Macy's in the San Francisco area and Dillard's is mostly in the midwest (I think).

I'm kind of a gloss junkie so I think those will be the first that I peak at :)

Beauty Anonymous said...

Hi, Lilan,

I can wait too until it is coming to Sephora in January. This new beauty line has been launched in several countries in Asia for a while. I am glad we finally can get to see those colors and products!

Counting down!

Happy holidays to you,


PJ said...

Hello BA,

Just want to say a quick hello to you!

Great to know that the ck Calvin Klein Beauty line will be launched nationwide in the US very soon. Finally it is happening. I can't wait for your follow-up reviews.

Merry Christmas to you!


Beauty Anonymous said...

Dear PJ,

Nice to hear from you!
January is just around the corner. I absolutely will share with you how I feel about the Calvin Klein cosmetics later on.

I think I came across a news maybe yesterday said that there will be 8 sales locations in UK for ck Calvin Klein Beauty. I lost the web link. I hope I am not wrong on this. Will pass you the info if I find out the URL again.

As to the review(s) of the new line, I will discuss with you through email. :)

happy holidays to you too!